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A Letter of Appreciation from Ugwu Hilary Ike

The management
Codewit Global Network

                                                      A Letter of Appreciation to Codewit Global Network

I have just received a package  in my mail box containing the Certificate of Appreciation and that of an Award as the best author of the month of September 2008. I am grateful for this honor in addition to given me the chance to express my views through the Codewit Global Outreach.

 In addition, I must also commend the Founder, the board of management and in fact every member of Codewit family for their unmatched determination in the fight for a better Africa. Codewit has and will stand the test of time. For all those seen and unseen, known and unknown who work tirelessly to support the extension of the Network financially and otherwise, I say kudos.

The fight against injustice, inequality, human right abuse and so on and so forth, of any form, is what attracted me as a member to the Codewit family. I therefore dedicate this certificate of honor to all those who sincerely believe in the philosophy of Codewit Global Network.

Long Live Codewit


Hilary Ike-chukwu Ugwu

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