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NIGERIA: The North, The Man and Many Wife

When Babangida Aliyu, the governor of Niger State, realistically mentioned that government should make law to limit the number of women all Nigerian men marry to two, because people who cannot afford to bring up children just go about marrying and giving birth to many children they cannot afford to take care of, some people said their religion told them to marry four wives. Babangida Aliyu was lambasted and called names. 
Don't we all see the number of children roaming the streets of Nigeria, especially in Northern Nigeria where jobless nonentities just go about marrying as many wives as they can and giving birth like rabbits, children they cannot take care of. 
Who do they expect will take care of this children for them free of charge? Government? Muslim leaders in the North should really help their people. 
It is like this issue of Sani Yerima when you talk about a 60 years old man marrying a 13 years old and lobbying to see law passed to make women marry at 13 and some people are screaming that it is their religion. Religion, like I said sometime ago, without common sense, is a monster. 

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