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NIGERIA: Crisis tears ex-militant group, NDLF apart

militantsCRISIS hit the defunct Niger-Delta Liberation Force, NDLF, a militant group formed by the ex-militant leader, the late “General” John Togo, weekend, with the group torn into two factions.

Spokesperson of the group, “Captain” Mark Anthony, in an exclusive electronic mail statement to Saturday Vanguard, confirmed that Togo’s successor, “General” Peter,  has been deposed by NDLF on allegations of bad leadership, betrayal and corruption.

However, the toppled leader’s faction, reacting to his purported sack, yesterday,   insisted that he was still in-charge of NDLF leadership. It also denied the allegations of embezzlement and highhandedness.

“Captain” Anthony in statement said, “The NDLF has unanimously endorsed Commander Asi Eniegbolokumor, (former CSO to NDLF) to replace the deposed leader as the new substantial leader of NDLF.”

The statement, co-signed by Commanders Asi Eniegbolokumo, Adobo Ozidi, Ogbowei Allah and Jerome Demebide reads in part, “We,  the undersigned leaders of Niger Delta Liberation Force, NDLF, have sacked NDLF ceremonial leader, Peter Doloebiowei and suspended him indefinitely on offences against the rules and norms of the organization. Therefore, Peter Doloebiowei ceases to be the leader of NDLF…”

They accused him of “single handedly and    fraudulently       compiling    names for the amnesty induction without the   knowledge of     other leaders by adding fake names which took place at the Army Barracks, Effurun Warri, and Delta State at the detriment of NDLF operatives.”

He was also accused of betraying their deceased leader, Togo, shortchanging the members and disregarding key leaders of the group, among other things.

According to the statement, “Commander Asi Eniegbolokumor has been elevated to the rank of a “General” to pilot the affairs of the organization peacefully in line with the oath of peace taken with Federal Government.

“Also, ‘Commander’ Adobo Ozidi, who was the former head of intelligence, FBI, is also elevated to the rank of second- in command to the group. All other positions remain valid”, it added.

The group asserted, “We pledge to keep and maintain the oath of peace with federal government for unity and progress of Nigeria. The amnesty office, general public and the press are advised not to carry out any business with the sacked leader on behalf of NDLF.”

It urged to the Presidential Amnesty Office, police and army to arrest the deposed leader and prosecute him for fraud to serve as a deterrent to others.

According to NDLF, “We appeal to the Amnesty Office to kindly give us the privilege to cross-examine the submitted fake list by the deposed leader to enable us correct the anomaly. We equally appeal to the Amnesty Office to keep to the 100 slots approved for John Togo group, which could go round to give all our boys sense of belonging.”

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