NIGERIA: 23 Year Old Thief Caught At Ijero-Ekiti

 ThiefRemember the common adage “Every day is for a thief, one day is for the owner"? This was what happened four days ago on the 21st of March at Ijero-Ekiti in Ekiti State when a 23 year old young man was caught performing what he said he had practiced for 5 years.

The young man, who works in an quarry, was apprehended  after stealing phones, laptops, clothing, food items and money belonging to some students of COHEST, Ijero Ekiti.
His timing was not right because unfortunately for him, a female student was in one of the rooms where he attempted to steal from. It was this female student who raised alarm and the thief was caught.

He was beaten blue black, stripped naked and handed over to the police.

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