NIGERIA: New Ondo CP warns criminals

Nigeria PoliceWORRIED by the spate of robbery and burglary in recent times in Akure, the Ondo State capital, the new Police Commissioner, Mr Patrick Dukumor, weekend, said henceforth, the state will no longer be friendly with criminals.

Dukumor at his maiden press briefing in Akure, said he will smoke out criminals from their hideout.

He advised criminals to take their leave as he promised to make the state “too hot” for them to operate.

“I am therefore warning all criminals, be they armed robbers, 419nees, kidnappers, thieves, rapist, pipeline vandals and bunkerers to either change from their criminality and become good citizens or relocate from the state. I will make Ondo State very uncomfortable and unconducive for them.”

He promised to reduce crimes and criminalities to the bearest minimum, if not eradicated.

“In fighting crime and criminality, I will respect the rule of law and the fundamental human right of all citizenry, maintain law and order at all times,” adding that he will ensure visibility policing whereby Policemen are found everywhere to give confidence to the people to go about their normal duties.

Also he promises to provide conducive environment that will enhance economic growth and development in the state.

Speaking on corruption in the police force, Dukumor, said he will maintain a zero tolerance for indiscipline and corruption from members of the force.

“I expect highest level of patriotism, profesionalism, selflessness and hard work in the discharge of their duties. I shall not tolerate laziness, truancy, and high handedness.”

He added that there will be continuous evaluating and improving police services to the people of the state.

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