Boko Haram

Man Hands over Boko Haram Son to JTF

 A 60-year old Maiduguri based businessman, Friday, turned in his son, a member of the deadly Boko Haram sect, to the Joint Task Force (JTF), Operation Restore Order.

It was gathered from a source within the family that the son before departing from the family house few days ago had threatened to kill his father.

But to everyone’s surprise the son returned home some days later, pleading with his father to give him refuge from the soldiers, who have started a clampdown on the sect.

The source said the son "after confessing all his crimes, including how he participated in killing of people and looting of banks to his father, the old man decided that it was against his conscience to keep a killer-son in his home, so decided to turn him in."

The source further revealed that the father, who is Kanuri, after making up his mind against housing a killer-son approached the Sector office of the JTF and told them of the criminal involvement of his son.

It was gathered that the soldiers followed the father home to arrest the son, who had to be shot dead, while trying to escape arrest.

An eyewitness described the incident: "When the young man was shot by the soldiers and was writhing in pains, the old man only turned to say Masha Allah (to God be the glory)."

The old man was also said to have decided against taking up the ill-gotten wealth of his son stashed away near the family house.

A source said: "Before he was handed over to the soldiers, the young man had revealed to his father and family members that he possessed two cars and had millions of Naira buried somewhere near the family home.

"But the no-nonsense father said he has no interest in his ill-gotten asset and has no intentions of inheriting his assets, according to Islamic injunctions because they are 'haram," the source further revealed.

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