Nigeria: Curbing The Menace Of Boko Haram

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AS the debate on whether or not to grant amnesty to the terrorist group, Boko Haram, goes on, I wish to repeat my article published last year on one of the demands of the sect.

Let’s go: What do you make of the recent condition given to President Jonathan by the Boko Haram sect to resign as President or convert to Islam, if he wants peace in the country? The Presidency, through its spokesman, has since described the demand as laughable. At last, this terror group that has murdered thousands of Nigerians and some foreigners has laid its demands on the table. It is political as well as religious. They and their sponsors want to take over government and Islamise Nigeria. Before now, the federal government had been admonished, virtually, by every known voice to dialogue with the group to see how this mindless daily slaughter of innocent persons could end. Now, I hope these proponents of dialogue will have something to cheer about?

But this is not the first time these terrorists are making such demand. In January, the group, through its leader Imam Abubakar Shekau, while rejecting suggestion by President Jonathan for dialogue, asked the President to convert to Islam. He also threatened to continue killing security agents, government officials and Christians. Shekau said negotiations suggested by Jonathan would not happen.

“He’s lying. He cannot do it,’ Shekau said. “If Jonathan does not repent as a Muslim, even if I die, Jonathan is going to see. He’s looking at me, like I’m nobody, but he’ll see.’

“We’re killing police officers, we’re killing soldiers and other government people who are fighting Allah, and Christians who are killing Muslims and talking badly about our Islamic religion. I am not against anyone, but if Allah asks me to kill someone, I will kill him and I will enjoy killing him like I am killing a chicken.”

Imagine such idiotic, Satanic, childish, and laughable thinking!

Let’s leave the President and Christians for now. So, it is Shekau’s ‘Allah’ that has asked him to kill the Emirs Borno and Fika and hundreds of fellow Muslims in the North, even in the Islamic holiest month of Ramadan? What of the Muslim soldiers, policemen and government officials that his group slaughters everyday? Does he know how many Muslim families he has thrown into perpetual sorrow, pain and tears? All hail Abubakar Shekau and his Boko Haram brethren! These are the servants of ‘Allah’ indeed! Confused bloodthirsty liar!

The scope of this destruction and current demand of the sect make nonsense of the opinion of those who suggest dialogue, and others who have maintained that high-level poverty, unemployment, lack of education and infrastructure in the North are at the root of this terrorism.  I believe the likes of the United States Assistant Secretary for African Affairs and other officials should stop canvassing such opinions and call Boko Haram its right name– terror group! Nigeria must immediately be helped by everybody to track down these people and their sponsors, so that they can face charges for crimes against humanity. Who knows their next target and goal, because Boko Haram means ‘abhorrence of western education and lifestyle’? They sure could soon go global.


Why should someone unleash, sponsor or aid such level of mayhem against his own country just for political and religious reasons? Everybody (Christians, Muslims, and friends) must join hands with Nigerian security agencies and the government of Jonathan to battle and defeat these enemies.

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