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Boko Haram MembersOne of those things I love doing when I was a kid was dancing under the rain, though in most cases my parents wouldn’t allow that especially when you are from all academia background. I can’t remember how many times I contacted cold as a result of such childish act we exhibited due to ignoramus. Another of those childish acts was killing small trees from the tap root. I didn’t come into this world knowing that a tree can easily be killed from the root without cutting the branches, rather, western education taught me that. I remember technically killing a guava tree in front of our play ground, because each time we play soccer the tree turns out to be an obstacle. I did apologize to the owner anyway but that was after ten years.
Before I kill the federal government for daring to consider amnesty for boko haram fundamentalist terrorist organisation, I will like to remind them that when you want to kill a tree, you must not start from the branches because if you do, the tree will germinate someday. What the federal government is doing at the moment could be likened to dancing on the rain. They are searching for peace where there is no justice. Proposing amnesty for a group that do not deserve or want one, proposing amnesty to an unremorseful group, exposing their impotence and sense of myopia towards finding a solution to a problem they the government indirectly created.
Yusuf Mohammed who happened to be the known leader of the boko haram group was slaughtered by the police on the orders of some so called prominent men in Borno state. Today those policemen still appear in court to get series of longitudinal adjournments since 2009 while Henry Okah who masterminded 2010 Oct 1st bombing has been sentenced. Where is the seriousness in solving this social riddle? Since the inception of terrorism in this country, over 3,000 people have been lynched in a most cruel manner, properties in billions of Naira destroyed, billions lost in revenue accruals but not even a single soul has been jailed for terror related offences. Some highly placed individuals were also fingered but nothing has been done to put them to purgatory even when the evidences are starring us in the face. Its either the judge did not come or “oga at the top” put up a phone call and case is adjourned. The souls of those who were untimely cut down by the act of terrorism are crying for justice.
Boko haram sects do not deserve amnesty or maybe amnesty is a wrong choice of phrase. The northern leaders are clamouring for amnesty for a terrorist group while the group are seriously acquiring more sophisticated weapons, perhaps for more deadly attacks. It has been proven that each time they ask for ceasefire, it’s an opportunity to re-strategize and lunch more deadly attacks.
I also acknowledged that absolute use of stick without carrot might not totally curtail this menace and I ask the federal government to apply “carrot and stick” method. The government should also be serious in its fight against this monster by way of taking drastic measures including securing the very porous but small borders we have.
However, the consequences of imposing amnesty on boko haram is already starring us in the faces as MASSOB has increased it’s verbally attack on the country. It will be a mortal sin to run a comparison between the amnesty granted to MEND and that which the government is proposing for this terror group. The agitations of MASSOB are also in line with UN charter and articles on wars and independence, so we ought to have a state of Biafra and if government succeeds in granting amnesty to boko haram, MASSOB might come up and ask for unconditional extinction of Biafra from the Nigerian state. As for boko haram, if the northern elites feel that the 12 northern states should be given to them in compensation for the blood they have wasted, then we should put that in play, after all we used to have USSR, Serbia and Montenegro, Sudan etc.
I am of the opinion that dialogue should be in play between the federal government and boko haram sect but not amnesty for total destruction of souls and properties. Amnesty in this regard simply means, “thank you for killing us”. The people in the affected communities should also work with the security operatives because these terrorists are not ghosts, they live among the people, they buy food and other things they need from the same market as others, in fact the sophisticated heavy weapons they use do not come from the moon. Mr President, those kids of school age especially without shoes, who are supposed to be in school but are not due to economic challenges should be inculcated into the amnesty plan. Those kids who go to bed with empty stomach deserves amnesty, those kids that were made orphans by the terrorists deserve amnesty, the families that have lost everything deserves amnesty, those who have served their father land but can’t access their pensions today deserve to benefit from the amnesty bazaar, the country’s army of unemployed youths deserves amnesty. If amnesty is not considered for those set of people mentioned above before that of the terrorists, it will sum up to total systemic injustice. The world at large should stop searching for peace; they rather search for justice, for justice is a means to peace which is an end.
Boko haram are asking for the wind which doesn’t exist and only a severely sick and clueless person can advocate for amnesty for a terrorist group, whom their only goal is to destroy the existing government structure, insert their own government and implement their barbaric and useless sharia law which is different from the normal sharia laws!!
Mr President, you are not only the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, you are also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces!!!!! COMRADE PRIMUS CASTRO

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