Boko Haram in the Throes of a Proactive Intelligence

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In the course of the week, the State Security Service (SSS) paraded five suspected Boko Haram members it accused of planning deadly attacks on Igala, Kogi State.
An assistant lecturer in Arabic and Islamic studies at the state university, Dr. Mohammad Nazeef Yunus, was one of the five suspects paraded.
Also arrested according to Marilyn Ogar, the SSS’ spokesperson, were Umar Musa, Mustapha Yusuf, Ismaila Yunusa, Mohammed Nasir, and Ibrahim Isa.
All the suspects held strategic posts within their cell, according to the SSS. Nazeef, holder of a Ph.D in Islamic studies, was credited to be the group’s spiritual leader and coordinator for Boko Haram in the state, and the leader of the gang.
Given the details of his profile as reeled out by his captors, he understands his group’s planned target like he knows the palm of his hand since he  was born in Idah, Kogi State; attended the Arabic Central Primary School in that town, and El-Kanemi College, Maiduguri, Boko Haram’s hotbed.
Umar Musa, a N50,000 per month employee of the sect, according to his captors, was the sect’s instructor and head of operations. He, like Nazeef, received militancy training at the Boko Haram’s Sambisa Camp, Borno State.
The others – Mustapha Yusuf (armourer/chief courier) and Ismaila Abdulazeez (foot soldier), according to SSS, were signed on by Nazeef. They were gladly picked up at a mosque in Zuba, Niger State, on their way to Zambisa in Maiduguri for training.
This is a cherry piece of news. It is simply a product of a proactive intelligence. The SSS and its sister agencies need to be commended by Nigerians because a failure of intelligence on a matter of this magnitude could have resulted in an unimaginable consequence.
In another security breakthrough in the last one week, military Joint Task (JTF) in Kano also slaughtered a number of Boko Haram fighters in the state and took possession of a cache of arms and ammunition.
The JTF spokesman, Captain Ikedichi Iweha, said the troops also intercepted arms being transported to Zamfara State by the same sect.
In that operation, the JTF in collaboration with the SSS in the state achieved the feat having mounted what it called a snap check point along Kankara – Sheme road in Katsina State to intercept terrorists fleeing from operations in the north eastern axis of the country.
In both operations, the sucesses recorded by the nation’s intelligence community are testimonies that with the collaboration and cooperation of Nigerians, they could ride a roughshod on our common enemies.
For me, this is a clear case of the insurgents finding themselves in the throes of a perfect and a well-coordinated intelligence.
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