Between Ojukwu’s Will and the Codicil

The late Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, apparently modified his Will via a codicil.

In the codicil, exclusively published by Sunday  Vanguard, last week, the former Biafran leader restated his position  in the Will that the bulk of his properties should go to his wife, Mrs Bianca Odinaka Olivia Odumegwu-Ojukwu.

He declared  that two of the properties he willed to Bianca had already been transferred to her by a Deed of  Gift (Gift inter vivos).

Whereas Ojukwu gave the property known as Jubilee Hotel on Jubilee Road, Zaria, Kaduna State to my daughter, Tenni Hamman in the Will, he disclosed in the codicil that he had since sold the property.

Tenni Hamman is, however, compensated, according to the codicil, with a share of her father's real estate properties.

Meanwhile, the Will has run into a legal storm with the eldest child of the late Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Debe Odumegwu-Ojukwu, filing an action at the High of Enugu, praying that the Will be set aside.

According to the suit in which Bianca and the probate registrar, High Court of justice, Enugu State are respondents, the Will is fraudulent and incompetent.

Other grounds of Debe's application are unmentioned child (in the Will) and pretermittant child.

Find below the unedited version of the Ojukwu controversial Will read on Nov. 28, 2012 by the probate registry of the High Court of Justice, Enugu State.


I REVOKE all testamentary dispositions previously made by me and declare this my last will and testament.

I appoint my wife, Mrs. Bianca Odinaka Olivia Odumegwu  Ojukwu, Igwe Oraukwu, Chief Emeka Ogbunude and Mr. James ChLikwunenye Ezike of NO. 24 Campbell Street, Lagos (hereinafter together called my trustees and executors which expression where the context  admits shall include the Trustees and executors hereof for the time being whether

original or substuted) to be the executors and trustees of this my will GIVE ABSOLUTELY to my wife Mrs. Bianca Odinaka Olivia Odumegwu  Ojukwu of No.4 Isiuzo Street, Independence LayoLlt, Enugu, the following real properties:

(a) The real property located at NO. 7 Forest Crescent, Enugu, Enugu State otherwise known as Casa Bianca.

(b) The property known as Plot NO. 20 Cadastral B9, located in JAB I DAM, Abuja, and covered by Certificate of Occupancy NO. AN4405.

The property located at KUJE, in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, covered by Customary Certificate of Occupancy NO .KACV.FCDA/LP & S/MISC.834 conveying the Right of Occupancy to PLOT FL 161 at GAUBA FARM LAYOUT, KUJE,

I hereby declare that the following, and no others, are my children

1.TENNI HAMMAN (daughter)








I GIVE the property known as Jubillee Hotel on Jubille Road, Zaria, Kaduna State,to my daughter Tenni Hamman

I give to my first son Chukwuemeka Odumegwu  Ojukwu, my landed property at Olie Uru, Umudim, Nnewi, Anampa State.

I bequeath and device my property at Thinker's Corner Enugu, Enugu State, to my son, Okigbo Odumegwu  Ojukwu.

To my son Afam Odumegwu  Ojukwu I bequeath my landed property at Traffic Light Nnewi, Anampa State.

To my son Nwachukwu, I device 1 (one) hectare out of my 6 (six) hectares of land located at Umuezena Nnewi.

I device to my daughters Mmegha, Ebele and Chineme 1 (one) hectare each of my said 6 (six) hectare of landed property located at Umuezena Nnewi.

I give to my said wife, Bianca, the remaining 2 (two) hectares of my aforementioned property at Umuezena Nnewi, so long as she does not remarry after my death. If she remarries, the said 3 hectares will become part of my residuary estate.

I give and bequeath my interest in my mothers property at Onwuduwe Street, Uwani, Enugu, Enugu State, to my nephew, Torn Bigger.

13.- I give my interest in my late mother's property at Thinker's Corner Enugu, Enugu State, to my other Robert Bigger.

14  I give all my personal effects and cars as well as moneys in the banks, namely, Equatorial Trust Bank, Union Bank Pic, U.B.A Pic Hallmark Bank Pic and S.G.B Pic to my said wife Bianca Odinaka Olivia Odomegwu  Ojukwu.

15  My Trustees shall hold the remainder of my real and personal property upon trust to sell the same with power to post-pone such sale for so long as they think fit without being liable for loss.

16  My Trustees shall hold the proceeds of sale and all unsold property and my ready money upon the following trust:

(a) To pay all my debts and funeral and testamentary expenses.

17  My Trustees shall hold my residuancy estate UPON THE FOLLOWING TRUSTS:

(1)Upon trust to pay the income thereof to my said wife during her life and subject


(2) Upon trust after the death of the &pvbar;. of my self and my wife, for all my children then living and if more than one in equal shares so however that the education of my children who may be under the age of 18 (eighteen) years should be given priority.

18.Any trusties being a professional or businessman may be employed or act and shall be entitled to charge and be paid all professional or other charges for all businesses or acts done by him or his firm in connection with the trust hereof including acts which a trustee cold have done personally.

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