Nigeria can be cleaned from satanic powers – Prophet Lenke

Prophet Fire LenkeProphet Fire Lenke, the Overseer of Liberation Embassy, a.k.a Ghoster, is a Cameroonian pastor married to a Nigerian. He speaks on how to drive away satanic powers.

How did you get your calling?
I was not called, I was born a prophet but never knew it until I got the revelations through what I call a nightmare during one of my days searching for a job.

Can you explain?
It all started years back when I was in my hotel room with a girlfriend when a force pushed me down the floor and I became unconscious. Suddenly, I found myself in another realm facing a bright light that was brighter than anything I had ever seen in my whole life. I had to turn my face off  so as not to get blind while wondering what it was. I heard a loud voice saying that I shouldn’t be afraid, that ‘it is He thy Lord who created you, ‘yet I was not brave enough to look at the light .
The voice ordered me to raise my right hand which I did and I was holding an object like a fluorescent. The voice ordered me to walk towards the extreme of the brothel where I was and strike it on the floor of one of the dark rooms.  What I saw after striking the object on the floor were snakes fleeing so as not to be caught up by the light. I was holding the remaining half and I then woke up from the trance only to find myself in another room.

Has there been any yoke broken by you?
Yes! The Lord has been using me to break so many yokes and also bring down so many temples that are not from the Lord. I have travelled to the eastern, northern, southern and even the western parts of the country where my church is to bring down lower altars. Because my Bible makes me to understand that when two temples meet, the lower temples bows.

Has there been any effect so far?
Not at all. My Bible makes me understand that when God is for us, who can be against us. Although they have come through my household, my wife especially, has had several attacks but now she is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

What is your prediction for 2013?
My prophecy and not prediction, because the words of the Most  High are not predicted but prophesied and they come to pass. So, my prophecy for the year which the God Almighty has revealed to me is that this year is a year of altar against altar.

What do you mean by altar against altar?
It simply means the altar of the Almighty against the altar of hell. For instance, I was reading Vanguard when I saw a story of a brother who killed his own younger brother in the name of greed and wickedness and also you hear preachers preach the words of prosperity and not of breaking of yokes. I am called by the Father in heaven to break down altars that are not of heaven and also to heal the sick. What our president’s wife is passing through is a very small problem which I can cure spiritually in a twinkle of an eye. I have already seen the cure for such sickness through the revelations from the most High God.

I cannot reach out to them directly because Bible makes me to understand that a child of God does not brag about his gift by going about healing people but people should give them the opportunities to heal them. I need an invitation from the president to come over to Abuja and I will state without fear of contradiction that five minutes with Mrs. Patience Jonathan will bring about great testimonies. If anybody body wants to know how I can achieve that, I will only say that signs and wonders can never be explained. But I believe what I have in me.

What do you have in you?
I had a revelation a day after asking God to grant me powers to heal and break yokes without being hurt by the demonic powers and a long glove appeared in my right hand and there was a voice that said to me that the glove was my power. So, with that I can break all demonic powers.

So what is your message for the nation?
I will soon reach out to so many souls in need of the blessings of the heavenly father.

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