NIGERIA: Why my predictions always come to pass – Pastor Eze Chukwukamadu

Pastor ChukwukamaduBefore the demise of a  former Senate President in 2003, he told his worshipers that a great Iroko tree will fall in the country.  Specifically, he predicted the death of the renowned  politician and stated unequivocally that the Almighty God said he must go back to his creator and it came to pass.  Since then, Reverend Eze Chukwukamadu has not stopped surprising his worshipers with predictions that usually turned out to be true.  Unfortunately, such predictions were not publicized, hence little was known about them.

In this encounter with Saturday Vanguard, the 35-year-old father of five came out with another shocking predictions for the year with a proviso that only serious prayers by Nigerians will avert them.  He  advised that President Goodluck Jonathan should pray seriously.  He also advised that the country should be careful to avert serious bloodbath, urging Governors to take care of their health this year. Excerpts :

My name is Rev. Eze Chukwukamadu. I am a prophet of God in Adonai Faith Assembly, Nsukka, Enugu State. I started serving God from my childhood when I was 11 years old.   The sign was there when I was born. My father gave me a name, Tobenna. God went to one of his servants in Orlu named Ukozo (now late) and God spoke to him to go to Owerri, to the family of E. C. Eze and  tell them that they had a son and that son is His own, that they had given him a name Tobenna but they should change it to Chukwukamadu.

That God is giving him that name; that I am His own and will serve Him all my life. That was in 1973. Then, my father was a lecturer in Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri.  My father died on April 26, 1986.  Before then, in November 1985, I had a revelation and I told my father. I  saw his car parked but nobody was driving it and I could see the car rotting in the village. The next morning, I came and told my father that I could see this house burning and nobody could put off the fire. My father called my mother and asked me to repeat what I said and I repeated it.

They prayed and said that the blood of Jesus covered the family. So, my father went back that November asking us to stay at home, that he would come and take us back to Awka after the Christmas. Then, he was a lecturer in Awka College of Education, now part of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. But that Christmas, he couldn’t come back because he fell sick. In January, 1986 he managed to come back, still feeling very sick and  he died. Two years after his death, my mother started taking me to Church to see how I can develop my gift of prophecy. So that was how I started.

I predicted the death of a former Senate President. We were praying on the mountain in the night, myself and my friends, in Igboeze South, Enugu State. I got a revelation about the  Senate President at that time. I asked my friends if they know someone called by that name. They said yes. I told them that he would die and that there was no mercy.

Then, before the plane crash which claimed the life of a prominent northerner, I predicted that a great man from the North would die in a plane crash. Everything was written in a 20 -leave exercise book. There were many of such predictions which came to pass but I cannot remember all of them now. I predicted how many plane crashes that would occur during the tenure of President Olusegun Obasanjo administration, and they all came to pass.

Right now, I’m having serious messages concerning this country and the message is that if this country is not careful, there will be a major civil crisis. President Goodluck Jonathan should pray seriously concerning his administration. He should be wary of sycophants and those around him. People are going to deceive him and people are going to betray him; people who are very close and dear to him will betray him from now to 2015.

Again, so many prominent Nigerians are going to experience mysterious deaths. The country must be careful to avert serious bloodshed all over the country. This is because God’s wrath is upon this country. So, the leaders of this country must make peace with God to avoid the calamity that is to come.   Our leaders must sincerely address the problem of corruption and injustice in the country.

The idea of diverting public funds into private pockets, while millions of Nigerians are dying in poverty and hunger should be tackled. So many Governors need prayers to survive. Many others will fall into serious sicknesses immediately after leaving office on account of evil things they did. Some of the Governors who are planning to have a second term may not realize it.

Again, President Goodluck Jonathan must be very careful because many are planning seriously against him. They are planning clandestine operations against him and his government. So, he must be very careful. He should also pray for his health.  He should be careful and not trust anybody.

The North, if they do not pray to God and ask for forgiveness, the wrath of God will be upon them and their land will be cursed. The produce of their land will be a blessing to other nations but a problem to them. They should therefore go and ask God for forgiveness for the innocent blood they have been shedding. A very influential person in the North is sponsoring Boko Haram and the wrath of God is going to fall upon him and the people who would be around him that day. These are the people who have been working with him in killing innocent people.

This prominent Northerner is a politician and God has planned to disgrace him. Again, about five prominent Nigerians are colluding with another  country to import massive arms and ammunition into the country to kill innocent people, especially Christians. And if these people do not repent, they will face the wrath of God. One of them is well known all over the country, but God knows him.

Right now there is an industry producing ammunition, preparing seriously for crisis against the country. This industry is not in this country but abroad. The enemies of Nigeria are waiting for an opportunity to flood this country with these weapons to destabilize this country.  The way out is that the country should pray fervently for God to expose these enemies. People who call themselves citizens of this country are her major enemies.

They desperately want power, but they will not get it because God’s anger is against them. Nigerians should pray against a major crisis in this country. Most of the predictions given to me for this year are natural occurrences which are bound to happen.  Therefore, those in government must be very careful as the wrath of God is kindled against them.

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