Nigeria: Christ Embassy Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pushed Out of Business – By Two New Pastors

Pastor chris OyhakilomeIt is no more news that the founder of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyhakilome has relocated to South Africa from Nigeria which is the headquarters of his Love World Believers’ Church and for some time now he has been facing on crisis or another. And recently there was a story that the pastor who possesses the look that could make a matinée idol green with envy may be thinking of looking for greener pasture elsewhere out of South Africa.

We can reliably tell you that the pastor has been facing serious competition from two other pastors in South Africa whose level of performing miracle undermines that of the man his Nigerian congregation love to call Pastor Chris. The pastors are Prophet Uebert Angel of Spirit Embassy and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) and the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International.

These two men of God, we were reliably informed, are the reason Pastor Chris travelled to the UK with the aim of establishing another miracle-performing church, but this has since failed as he could not afford to expose his activities to the police over there who has been clamping down of late on churches over issues that have to do with money.

At the inception Oyakhilome was said to have drawn great South African crowd to the church because of his works of miracle which he exhibited through the establishment of the Healing School, but recently because of the fraud allegation levelled against him by some people who claimed they were paid by his church to feign suffering from one ailment or the other. The two pastors have since moved in with full force pushing his type of miracle to the back.

Information revealed that Pastor Chris is on the verge of being pushed out of the miracle business by the accuracy with which they predict and proffer solutions to people’s problems. Prophet Uebert Angel’s Spirit Embassy which almost has the same name with Pastor Chris’ Christ Embassy also has a television programme called Miracle TV where all sorts of works of miracle performed by the 34 years old prophet and his wife are being shown on a 24-hour basis.

UebertUnlike the dramatic style of miracle being performed by Pastor Chris, where the setting for miracle is always in a movie-like manner, Uebert’s style is aggressive, as he would call people out during the service and tell the congregation their names out as well as the problems they are suffering from, giving the impression he has never seen them. He goes as far as mentioning names of members of the families of those who benefit from his miracles.

His style, we gathered, was the reason he was forced to establish two churches in South Africa even when he’s from the neighbouring Zimbabwe as people now travel from all over the country just to get their own bit of miracle from the young prophet all at the expense of Pastor Chris’ church and miracle ministry as he was described as mentor of presidents, multimillionaires and government officials of many countries, which is the sole aspiration of the Nigerian-born mulatto pastor.

Just like Uebert, another that is making miracle business very difficult for Pastor Chris is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who also showcases his many works of miracle through his prophetictv. With his headquarters in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi, he seems to have gradually started finding his feet in South Africa as sources revealed his ministry has successfully drawn out of Pastor Chris’ fold many followers who are of the opinion that the young man who is not afraid to speak what he sees not minding the government of the day is better made to meet their spiritual need than the well-fed Pastor Chris.

BushiriThe story of his birth was also said to be playing an important role in the growth of his ministry. He was said to have been born under mysterious circumstances and that there were so many issues surrounding his birth such that after he had been safely delivered, his mother called him Shepherd, acknowledging that the Lord was her shepherd. He recently acknowledged receiving a special gift of jet from a certain family for the purpose of his ministry.

In his words: “A certain family in Europe has bought a jet for my ministry with a capacity of 18 people. Cordon Bright with his wife Shanon thought of blessing my ministry with this new jet after seeing how important it is to have it, as to help me touch the world easily with the gospel.”

Bushiri, like Uebert, has suddenly become South Africa’s face of miracle-performing pastors pushing the once-reigning Oyakhilome to the background and this, we were informed, is the reason the latter has been testing his legs in the waters of other countries like London where recent experiences of other pastors of African descent indicate they will not be willing to welcome him and his miracle train.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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