NIGERIA: Olutoye blasts Pentecostal pastors

*Evangelist Samuel OlutoyeChristians for Ministerial Integrity, an interdenominational network aimed at the establishment of integrity among ministers of the gospel, has just concluded a 3-day Ministers/Church Workers Conference, with a charge by the president, Evangelist Samuel Olutoye on ministers to rise and eliminate the evil of ministerial secrecy.

Evang. Olutoye’s passion is for the enthronement of righteousness, holiness, purity, sanctification and salvation over what he described as ministerial secrecy including immorality, transgressions and anything that has the trappings of worldliness.

To him, salvation is the ultimate in the Christian voyage. It’s over and above all other treasures on earth and to overcome worldliness in the Church, he stressed that the undiluted truth of the gospel must be preached by the men of God to their con-gregation. Theme of the programme: “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

According to him, at the moment there’s spiritual down turn; there is corruption even in the Church, noting that “all those powerful messages we used to hear in those days have been taken away from our altars.”

Continuing, he maintained that today’s churches are full of people but there are no Christians, adding “we have fellowships without love for one another. We often preach about forgiveness but there are some pastors who do not forgive.”

Speaking on “Ministerial secrecy”, Olutoye averred that today’s church is witnessing power without purity, arguing that several herbalists and magicians have all taken up bibles and are now preachers and workers of miracles which is why we have the crisis in the North and over 70 per cent of the nation is against the Church of God.

He also told the congreg-ation of pastors, ministers and other church workers at the Lagos conference that what we have today is a church getting older without corresponding maturity; the higher they go in ministry, the closer they are to hell.

“In Lagos and some other cities of the nation, when you say you are a pastor people hiss, because demons who are not gainfully employed have all become pastors and they are making things difficult for the remnants to survive in ministry,” he stated.

According to the evangelist, there is so much corruption in the Church; “how can a man of God sleep with members of his church and still come to the altar to preach? I have never seen where men of God tell lies like this generation. We have lost integrity. It is evil for men of God to divorce their wives and members celebrate such announcements.

“Immorality has become the order of the day. Homosexuals abound in the church today,” he said, stressing the need for pastors to, first and foremost, embark on a mission to save themselves before thinking of saving others.

He noted that pastors and ministers need to go back to God because of the imminent judgment of God, noting “if God does not judge this generation, He will have to apologise to Annanias and Sapphira. Men of God who make prophecies that never come to pass and as a result Nigerian governments no longer believe that there are pastors in the country.”

Olutoye therefore enjoined pastors and ministers of the gospel in the country to first purge themselves and rise up to eliminate all recognizable evils currently working against the spiritual growth of the Church in Nigeria.

To attain that level is to go back to the old time religion where people preached the truth of the Bible and lived the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

He also urged men of God, especially the fake ones, who have allowed profanity to thrive in Christendom and have sacrificed the true Word God on the altar of sentiments and personal aggrandize-ment, to repent and avoid the judgment.

Earlier, Pastor Taiwo Ishola of Perculiar People’s Ministry, Akowonjo, in his opening message, also urged ministers to retrace their steps from the present rot in the Body of Christ and enthrone right-eousness in all their doings.

He maintained that in this precarious period in the world, there is the urgent need for us all to return to God who only has the capacity to deliver us from the current evil.

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