Pastor E. A. Adeboye Scam about Covenant Partnership

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Pastor E. A. AdeboyeMost Nigerians are really living in darkness and are constanly scammed, swindled and defrauded by their so called men of God. Please read the sermon of pastor Adeboye as it is been articulated on their website and tell us what is different from what "419 people" and scammers do. See the grouping of people and the amount they are expected to pay every month to be a member of such covenant group. Please make sure you read the whole article and drop your comment for others to read. Try to be polite in your contributions. We need to inform our people in Nigeria to open their eyes. At Codewit, we report and you judge—–

Pastor Adeboye: – Ten years ago, I called for people who will be my covenant partners; and several people volunteered. I said it would be for ten years, the ten years are over now and many of them had asked, what’s happening, are we going to continue? I told them I will ask God. 

When I asked God, He said there will be a new set and it will not be for ten years. He said “because those people were in covenant with you for ten years, I had no choice but to keep them alive for ten years”

He said “You tied my hands”. And I remembered all the miracles that happened in the life of my partners, and I thank God for all the miracles, 

I thank God for all my partners and I say, thank you for the past ten years.

Now, the Lord says to me, the new set of partners will be for only three years. He said after three years, we can review. So, if you want to be one of my partners, your duties will be as follows:

  1. You will pray for us every day, even if it’s only one minute; very simple prayer ‘Father, strengthen your son, don’t let his anointing run dry, don’t let him fail you, let him finish strong’. Four simple prayers: strengthen him, don’t let his anointing run dry, don’t let him fail you, and let him finish strong. That’s assignment one for my partners even if it’s only one minute a day, please, include us in your prayers.
  2. You’ll fast with us as we used to do; February, July and December. All you need to do is a day at a time but if you can fast day and night continuously then, fourteen days alone will be enough. So, you’ll pray for us, you’ll fast and then you’ll support the work we are doing financially.

The new group, your support will be every month instead of every year and there will be ten groups. So, you’ll be able to join at least one of the ten groups.

  • 1.       GROUP ONE:            N100 a month.                         USD Equivalent  $1.00
  • 2.       GROUP TWO:            N500 a month.                                                 $5.00
  • 3.       GROUP THREE:         N1,000 a month.                                              $10.00
  • 4.       GROUP FOUR:           N5,000 a month.                                              $50.00
  • 5.       GROUP FIVE:             N10,000 a month.                                             $100.00
  • 6.       GROUP SIX:                N50,000 a month.                                            $500.00
  • 7.       GROUP SEVEN:          N100,000 a month.                                          $1,000.00
  • 8.       GROUP EIGHT:            N500,000 a month.                                          $5,000.00
  • 9.       GROUP NINE:              N1,000,000 a month.                                        $10,000.00
  • 10.   GROUP TEN:                N2,000,000 and above a month.                        $20,000.00

You can send your contributions in Dollars or Pounds. So you can pick whichever group you want to belong to. My advice is, come in at whatever level is convenient for you now, I trust my God that as He begins to bless you, you’ll keep on moving higher and there will be people who will enter in group two or three today before this time next year, they will already be in group ten. So please, take some one minute, you’ll write your name, your address, your phone number, and the group you want to belong to.


When you’re sending the money, when you put it in an envelope, write at the back ‘Covenant Partner’. Write it at the back of the envelope so we’ll know into which account we will direct the money. If you’re writing a cheque, please write it in the name of The Redeemed Christian Church of God and then at the back, put ‘Covenant Partner’. Don’t write the cheque in Pastor E. A. Adeboye's name. 

Any cheque written in my name will be used for what? (Response from the congregation: pounded yam) ah! Thank you, it will go for pounded yam straight. 

So, write your cheque in the name of The Redeemed Christian Church of God and then at the back of the cheque write ‘Covenant Partner’. 


My own duty is that I pray for my partners everyday; not once a month but everyday. And I promise you, my God who had been faithful to me all these years will be faithful to my partners also in Jesus’ name. He made a promise, He said all those who are lifting up my hands, He said as I rise, they will rise. So you will rise with me in Jesus’ name. 

So, you’ll write your name, your address, your phone number and the group you want to belong to and 

register to join any of the group here

Local Account information in Nigeria

Local Office 
Pastor Olorunimbe
RCCG Headquartes,
1 – 5, Redemption Way,
Ebute Metta, Lagos – Nigeria.

Ph. 234-01-470-0555

Fax. 234-01-288-1989


Pastor Odesola
Redemption Camp
International Office

RCCG, Redemption City
International Complex,
Km 46/84 Lagos – Ibadan Expressway.

Tel: 234 1 7747742

You can pay manually to these accounts at UBA Bank
Account Name: RCCG National Headquarters 
Naira Account:  1006803688
Dollar Account: 3000953815
Euro Account:   3001408367
Pound Sterling:   3000953808
Sort Code: 033153995

UBA Bank

RCCG National Headquarters


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