Girls, ladies and women! What kind of man

The world that is filled with numerous inconsistencies had misled some people especially our girls, women and ladies. Its just a piece of alert or advice. To crown it all, may we be careful in choosing our friends especially our life partners. All is to reduce the number of cries today “he or she had broken my heat!”

The idea came to me on one of the occasions when we had a send forth party in our house in France. There, I was able to manifest one of my hubbies (dancing and singing). Later, many girls surrounded me and were making some positive remarks on how they so much admired my dance. This they did by posing certain questions such as “how do you make such and such movements while you dance? I loved the way you moved your waist, the way you check off your shoulders, the way you moved your laps…at this time I decided to quite or have a short break before I could hear the way you moved your…you laughed.
Actually, I did not have any invited quest among them but as you could perceive it, at the end I was able to have a good number of them as my special quests of honour. Even those that came with their boy friends left them and were seriously appreciative of my dance. They were interested in my number and address of e-mail. These, I did not refuse them!

When everything was over, one of the girls who was extremely moved, determined to defeat the rest of her contestants. She refused to go. Her name is Love. She came all the way from Real in the southern part of Truth with her boy friend, Trust. This girl in question vehemently refused to go with the rest but kept asking me so many questions that demanded for some deep reflection. I answered her satisfactorily with my little knowledge of philosophy and psychology as she later testified.
While alone in my lonely world of thoughts, the whole event played repeatedly, more than a recorded testimony. Then at last, I had these questions to pose; they are divided into two major parts: PARTS I&II. Part I is directed to women while the later is for men. In each part of course, there are sub-part A & B respectively. I had wanted to give it the title “BEWARES!” or “WHERE IS THE TRUE LOVE?” After some little self arguments, I came up with the above title as the case may be, “WHAT KIND OF…”


Men who know what you cherish; they flatter you and have their way in your life. They sleep with you and when they are okay or deem it right, either they change their houses’ address, phone number, or purposely look for problem where there is non just make the so called relationship develop toothache?

Or, those whom you love but they in contrary do not really love you but because they have no option available at the moment, bring you in, may be to have their sexual desire satisfied. When the expected opportunity opens her door, they dump you and directly or indirectly tell you that after all it was you who forced your way on them?

Or, those you love and even get married to, but you based your love on the wealth only to discover that they do not have a single chance for you because they are often occupied with the monetary affairs in relation to their business?

Or, those you love and they love you too but both of you are extremely rich. In this case you lack or rather they never give you any listening ear to your needs and cares that you should receive from your husband?

Or, those who are celebrities of the world; the stars and the greats of the time, to whom you give your heart and everything but in the middle of the ocean, they disappoint and play down your love?

Or, those who are very poor in the society but from the look of things, they really love you even without your wealth. Then the problem is that they always remain parasites in your life without making any effort to help themselves?
Or, those who love you and are proud of you especially in the public gatherings but are weak on the issues of marriage and sexual relationship or probably inactive or impotent?

Or, those that claim to love you but are never proud of you or like moving out with you for any reason to the social gatherings which you like so much, but are very active and satisfying as contrary to the above point?

Or, those that are in love with you in every aspect of it at the moment. Both of you love each other, proud of yourselves, have satisfying characters but they vow not to marry you, and for them, your relationships can only end in this deep friendship and not marriage?

Or, those who love you and tell you the truth of their life, but still have some skeleton in their cupboard. When you tend to discover along the line, you had already committed yourself in the marriage and from the look of things, this must lead to divorce and at the moment, you are already old to start redating?

Or, those that love you and have the required love for you and also care for you in all ramification, but are never seen laughing, always serious and never like attending public gathering not to talk of going with you?

Or, those that are brilliant and always reading and making researches but not available for any love-making but will always tell you some lovely things like “please honey, try to understand okay! You see I’m busy, or don’t you know or believe that I love you….?”

Or, those that love as they say. They make you happy but have another person outdoor with whom they share your marital love?

Or, those that tell you openly despite your penetrations, that they do not love you, but they do everything for you just to keep you happy and moving but sex. All material things you need are made available but at this point in time, age is no longer at your side and you cannot date two persons?

Or, those that are lovely but are always harsh on you when you make even the most minuet mistake that does not even call for quarrels?

Or, those who love you but their parents dictate whatever goes on in your marriage. In other words, you dare not have any freedom or liberty to make a single decision in your family?

Or, the family where you are mostly loved by your husband’s parents and all the rest of the family members but your own husband’s love is somehow questionable?

Or, those that promise to keep whatever agreement or promise you made yourselves before your marriage but turn the whole thing upside-down immediately the marriage is officially pronounced?

Or, the husbands who refuse to give you some fraternal corrections except in the public where at times you are being laughed at, or felt disgraced?

Or, those who claim to love you but their whole life is, or is filled with searching for whatever is/are your weak points in order to expose you before the people, but after each occasion, asks for pardon but repeatedly doing the same or almost the same thing from time to time?

Or, those who claim to really love you but do not tolerate or consider any atom of your decision or suggestion in your so called family, in other words they are autocratic?

Or, those that hated you initially but by playing well your card, the hatred turns into love. You get married but after so long a time, the hatred automatically returns from no where and this time around, turns to be the worst of all?

Or, those that pick quarrels with you in almost everything you do but show the maximum love after each occasion and moreover, hardly could any day pass without about three to six times of different quarrels or disputes?

Or, those who love you as they say it, but it is obvious even to the people that you are not more than an object in the house?

Or, those in their marital life always bearing grudges and like vengeance even in the smallest mistake any person can make at any point in life?
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