Prophet Caught Sleeping with Married 5 Months Pregnant Woman in a Parked Car

A man got the shock of his life when he caught his PREGNANT wife being intimate with a self-styled prophet in a parked car.

Patrick  (31) could not believe his eyes after his wife Lydia Makoni’s illicit sexual exploits with  Njari (40) came to light barely a week after they had consulted him for his services.

Lydia is said to have lied to Patrick that she intended to visit her mother who resides in the same neighborhood, only to discover that she had gone to the prophet [ Njari’s] house for her sex-sermons.

Patrick told us our report that he was really shocked after catching his pregnant wife having quality time in the parked car at House No. 12 Nzere Street where the prophet resides.

“I suspect that this illicit affair might have started on the first day we consulted him as he asked my wife to visit him alone the following day for more prayers. My wife is five months pregnant now and I wonder why she was cheating on me to that extend.”

“As we speak she is at her mother’s house after that incident and I can swear that Njari will never conduct his prayers again at his shrine,” fumed Patrick.

In another interview, Lydia also CONFIRMED that she was caught red-handed being swayed by Njari’s prophecies.

“It is true that this prophet asked me to come for prayers alone after we visited him along with my husband. He told me that I had no bright future with my husband saying he was planning to marry another girl.

“On the second visit,  Njari gave me US$5 that I used to buy bread and he then seduced me and we ended up having s*x in the parked car,” she said. She said she had lied to her husband that she had gone to her mother’s place while in actual fact she was seeing the prophet.

“I was convinced by this prophet and I believed him as we were having problems at home with my husband that led us to consult him. He told me that he had fallen for me and that he would look for alternative accommodation in High-field for me although he knew that I was pregnant.”

“On the day in question, he gave me a laptop which he said was a token of love and showed me a book which he said was a proof that the car was his and I agreed to his demands before we were caught by Patrick. At home, I had given instructions for Patrick to be told that I was to come back soon,” said Lydia.

When we visited  Njari at his shrine, he was not around as he is now playing cat and mouse with Patrick, who allegedly threatened him with death. Neighbors said  Njari had sought refuge at his neighbors place where we finally hooked up with him and he confirmed the story.

He, however, blamed it on Lydia for visiting him at his house before begging us not to publish the story.  After all she is the one who came to my house,” he said .

“I am here because Patrick has threatened to kill me and I know he is violent as people around this neighborhood call him Masendeke. I could have died and I was not familiar with him because he is extremely dangerous.

“I know that you reporters would take it wrongly and denounce prophets but to be honest I was not putting on my garments and this was a sin of the flesh.  There was nothing I could do to resist that and I am prepared to marry her if Patrick is no longer interested in her.”

“I am a divorcee with four children the first one is 22 years old in the village in Dande under chief Matsiwo. Please do not publish this story. I am prepared to give you a heifer plus US$200 for your lunch and the driver who is with you.

“I am a dealer who buys gold and I have many beasts at my village so do not publish this story, I beg you,” said Njari as he pleaded with H-Metro to kill the story.

Njari was also attending to a lady identified as Priscilla in the presence of her friends. She told H-Metro she had been advised to leave her mobile phone after failing to give him US$30 that he charged for the services.

“I thank my God because this man wanted my cellphone after I failed to raise US$30 for the services he offered me. He asked me to remove my blouse before he took long to attend to me to cure my stomach pains. He is a false prophet. I could have lost my Samsung mobile phone,” said Priscilla. H Metro

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