Six steps the devil uses our stubborn anger

We get these steps from Ephesians 4:31 we read above.  Mark the words in the verse…
Step 1 – Bitterness
A feeling of resentment…someone has done you wrong!
Step 2 – Wrath
(Gk) meaning ‘hot’….A slow burn starts to smolder inside as you think about how the person or events have ‘done you wrong’….
Step 3 – Anger
While the wrath starts ‘INSIDE’…it progresses to the next step of anger when it goes OUTWARD with anger!  The smoldering inside of you bursts into FLAMES…so to speak….an outward active, hostility.
Step 4 – Clamour
Your anger results in LOUD- VOCAL reaction!  Tears, Shouting…
Do you recall when you and your mate was having one of these, what we call, ‘INTENSE MOMENTS OF FELLOWSHIP’ and you said something like this, “Honey, you don’t need to shout…”
and your spouse said, “Shout?  I’M NOT SHOUTING!!!!”
Step 5 – Evil Speaking
You progress to saying hateful, cruel things….you never really meant to say…and you could regret later….and they really hurt the other person….and it is this stage that the person it is directed to…has a hard time forgetting….even if you apologize!
Step 6 – Malice
Malice has the idea wishing and attempting retribution towards the other person…you want to ‘hurt’ them either physically or with words….
I have known men and women who have progressed to this stage of their anger and they have really turned on people who were their friends and actually tried to destroy them and their reputation and work…
It has to do really with their pride being hurt…so they want to get back and get even……
Can we all think of examples where we have either experienced these stages above….or have been the recipient of them?
Can you see why we, especially as believers, must learn to control our anger and temper before it gets to these destructive stages?

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