Handling a short tempered spouse

A short-tempered partner may make you feel afraid at times. You just wouldn’t know how he/she would react to certain issues, their response to your feelings, their behavior in case you disagree, if there are differences etc.  A short-tempered partner may blow up suddenly and make you feel utterly helpless and confused, as you may not know how to handle the situation or the partner.
He/she may shout at you for simple mistakes, may pick fault with you on minor issues, may feel their temper rising if you disagree, may have a tendency to threaten you by talking of ending the relationship and sometimes may use violence too. Such a partner may be lovable in most aspects but may still make you feel on edge or uncertain or not confident. The partner may cool down sooner and may also apologize for the behavior and accept the mistake. If your partner scolds or shouts at you for silly reasons, does not care if it is a public or private space, insults before friends in his/her state of short temper, do not take it lying down.
He/she may tell you that they cannot handle their anger or temper and may want you to forgive them easily. Do not take this lightly. If you allow this to happen the partner may always use this trick knowing fully well that you will understand his/her condition and excuse it. Let the partner know that you are very much hurt, you do understand the problem but you cannot take it. This may make the partner think twice before throwing the temper on you again. If there are fights or disagreements, a short-tempered partner may use insults or abusive language in a state of anger or rage.
You may find this disagreeable but do not protest or fight at that point. He/she may just lash out at you even more. Bear for a while and then use your tact to set him/her straight. Don’t receive the calls, don’t meet him/her for some days. Tell the partner clearly that you fear this behavior and do not feel safe and comfortable any longer. The partner should better learn to control his/her tongue and temper if he/she genuinely wants the relationship.

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