Petition to Jesus on Nigeria at 55

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Dearest Lord,


It is with a heavy heart, laden with grief and utter despair, but with total submission to your supreme authority, despite its deliberate subversion by some of my unconscionable compatriots, that I write to you this unusual letter. Forgive me for breaching protocol in bypassing your approved channel of communications, like prayers and fasting. I am compelled to write because these false casting and binding, duplicitous exhortations going on in churches and mosques all around me, have totally drowned out mine and every other little voices of reason. Although I know you would still have heard me; I wish my equally unsettled fellow citizens and our oppressors too, to hear me and of this petition.

Meanwhile I am from Nigeria, that country the British was inspired by Satan to patch together into forced and needless existence, probably against your will, and left to totter on some fifty five years ago. Although you could have been angry at this; your undeserving grace and unremitting favour upon us have continued to hold the patches together after the dubious Whitman had left us in the lurch; leaving behind the Devil to continue to superintend their contraption in the hands of numerous agents he has that most dutifully do his bids. They are indeed many and have been tormenting us, Lord! Your people in this part are in earth-hell. Oh! What I mean? Hell man has so wickedly created on earth for fellow man, as leased to him by the devil, the master he has chosen over you.

Today, that country is fifty-five. Although he is a man, he looks like a child, and a malnourished one at that. He somehow has everything but very well lacks everything. Your grace, I spoke of earlier, keeps steering him to the path of greatness, but those guiding him keep taking him trough tortuous roads that descend through valleys of pestilence, perdition and ruinous politics. And they lie a lot; both to you my Lord, and to him and his people, that is we the ordinary people of Nigeria. That is why I want to particularly alert you with this missive; that they are heightening their deceptions, lies and deliberate punishment of the people through politics and religion. Politicians, who swear falsely to your name on assumption of office, are once again gathering to celebrate ‘our strides so far’ to nowhere!

And my Lord, these ‘strides’ include a CHANGE that is increasingly shortchanging your hapless children here, after coming through lies and falsehood. When they had used their brooms to rip apart the already torn umbrella some of their friends had held over our head, rather than a thorough and clean sweep they had promised, we are instead being blinded by the rubbish they have been sweeping into our eyes, to prevent us from seeing through their grand deception. My Lord, they had told us your children were abducted from Chibok and they would find them in no time. Hardly did we know ‘no time’ was indeed never. They said they would make our Naira equal the Dollar. Today, a heap of Naira is less than one Dollar. Yet, they would be celebrating our strides in fifty-five years. You would soon hear their noise in those churches and mosques manned by Satan himself.

My Lord, O yes, I have to report our politicians to you. They are scourging us instead of soothing us. They are giving us stone for bread they have long cornered for themselves. Jesus, come to our rescue! They have stolen us blind. Those we elected to lead us are leading us to nowhere near succor or hope but the wilderness, worse and more empty than where the devil had encountered you (and like their evil master they shall fail). They have redefined democracy to mean government of themselves by themselves for themselves (and of course their families and cronies). Did you see the list of what was alleged to belong to Saraki alone? My Lord, how could he have earned all of those when he was never a businessman that manufactured or sold anything? You blessed him, as those of his ilk use to say? By pushing their sticky fingers into our treasure pot many eventually got to take home, to their bedrooms? I am not saying anybody is a thief. After all they had told us corruption is not stealing, but my Lord is it the poor or the powerful and mighty that have stolen Nigeria bare?

What about those big posts that should have been shared round? Lord, please, ask Buhari why it is only his Hausa Fulani that is fit to rule the rest of us with him. Okay, so we are cows they had to herd? And talking about the Fulani and nama; Dear Lord, they have become something else everywhere they now go; traveling hundreds of miles, to bring death and sorrow to people they sack from their ancestral land. What they do with their cow shows clearly they were never there when you created man and told him all the animals and beasts were beneath him. The Fulani has made us lesser mortals to their animals. Ask your children in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, and indeed the rest of the Sothern part of Nigeria. Man now only eats what the cattle have left for him in his own farm. Any complain is visited with hellish brutality by nomads that no longer carry the sticks and umbrella you had given them. Ask them where they got those AK 47 rifles they now maraud the bush with, as only recently, you my Lord had to intervene about Chief Olu Falae they nearly untimely bundled back to you.

Finally, I will not end this important letter without reporting those people who call your names in vain; using it to do all sorts of things against us. They are both Christians and Muslims. I am sure your brother and friend, Mohammed (PBUH) is also aware of these. Both of you should know a lot are stealing and killing, and dividing us in your names. They steal money, wives and even children. Some have stolen a whole family from their relations, and even whole communities from the rest of their people, and even a whole generation of our people they have and continued to misguide with falsehood, trickery and suspect ideologies. Many criminals are buying the latest private jets, buying half of the shares and properties sold in the international markets, while falsely peddling your name they use to deceive the people. It is terrible and as such, I beg you to Save Our Souls now from these political and religious hypocrites and vultures feasting off our half dead nation they are falsely celebrating today. Even though Nigeria, as it is today, had not been our choice, only you can help us to make it better and the envy of the world, beginning from this our 55th anniversary. But that can only be, when the Devil and his agents tormenting us are cast away into the pit of hell you so rightfully reserved for them.

Thank you my Lord! The I Am That I Am! The Alpha and Omega! The King of Kings, and President of All Presidents! As we say here, NOTHING DO YOU, MY LORD OF HOSTS!

I am your humble and faithful; but truly and most thoroughly deprived servant,


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