Catholic bookshop bans sale of erotic book

A Catholic university bookstore in Boston has pulled off popular erotic book, Fifty Shades of Grey after customers complaints about the book had multiplied.

According to reports, the E.L. James best seller was banned permanently after a  long list of customers complained, though copies of the novel had been selling rapidly.

“We don’t want to offend anybody,” explained Tina Plotegher, the assistant director of the store. “We pull things off the shelves — it’s just this happens to be a hot topic. ”

According to the Stir, Fifty Shades had been selling so well that it caught the attention of the university, which disallows the sale of any books that contradict Catholic values. The institution, as a private Jesuit Catholic school, took issue with many aspects of Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, the bookstore made the decision to pull the books on its own before the university intervened. Plotegher explained that the decision was based primarily on customer reactions.

"They didn’t believe the University should be promoting a book that goes against Catholic religion. They weren’t complaining to pull it. They were like, ‘Oh wow, they sell that here.’ The final customer complained the other day. It was just this main one that was the force that took [the books] off the shelf. The other ones weren’t like, ‘They should come off the shelves.’ It was more of just rumblings of having the book.”

While it might seem silly to some to ban a book for its content, many people outside the Catholic faith agree that Fifty Shades of Grey depicts an unhealthy and abusive relationship, regardless of what the writer intended it to be.

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