Plane carrying campaign team of a political party is about to crash – Dr Chris Okafor

God forbid o. Below is a press release sent out to media houses…

The senior pastor of popular Nigerian church Liberation City, Dr Chris Okafor has warn against untimely air accident looming while a political party members are going for a political campaign as the general election draw nearer. Speaking at the glorious Sunday services on the 1st of February 2015,the Oracle of God as he is fondly called said he sees a plane crash with a political campaign team inside it. He said there is also a heavy cloud that is about to rain blood before the election. He also warned that a popular governorship candidate might not be alive to witness the governorship election he is supposed to take part in it.

The man of God also said there will be war on the outcome of the general election because someone will win and the other person will be rigged in and declared as the winner, he said this will generate lot of bloodshed for months. But if proper prayer is done it can be averted the man of God also revealed that God show him that the terrorist group are coming up in a new dimensions. He said those group will dress in a regalia like a religion leader to operate. He also remarks that he saw a long queue in filling station around the country signaling another round of fuel scarcity.

He said with prayer the looming crisis which is targeted to take place before February -2015 general elections can be averted. The oracle also warns the security agencies must be very vigilant in countering this plan of the terrorist. The church has however prayed to avert all the latest prophecy. It will be recalled that nearly 12 days after Dr Chris okafor gave a prophecy on fire outbreaks , it came to pass among many other one he predicted


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