Rev. Fr. Mbaka should resign as a priest and join politics since he has shifted from God’s vineyard to politics-Enugu Monarch

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The last appears not to have been heard over the Enugu Catholic Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s new year message that President Goodluck Jonathan should forget re-election for lack of performance.

The traditional ruler of Egali Amalla autonomous community in Udenu local government area of Enugu State, Igwe Patrick Eze (Waziri), said Mbaka remained a politician in the cassock . “It is better for Mbaka to join politics, contest election to have a taste of power other than calling people names, asking the president to resign. Who actually made Fr. Mbaka a judge that determines who should be entrusted with power. Rev. Fr. Mbaka should resign as a priest and join politics since he has shifted from God’s vineyard to politics,”Eze said.

He continued: “The name Mbaka is an identity and not the human as there is nothing so special, simply because he is a priest in Catholic.Let him face the Catholic faithful, evangelize to win souls for God rather than tongue lashing the president as being corrupt. The Catholic preacher ought to have devoted more time, fasting and praying for the release of the Chibok girls than apportioning blames for insecurity”.

The traditional ruler was displeased that the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, and the deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, visited Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry in the first place, explaining that the visit triggered the priest’s somersault. Eze pointed out that the somersault was surprising as he had earlier blessed Patience Jonathan to continue as Nigerian’s First Lady after the 2015 general elections, pointing out that the u-turn was a clear manifestation of a politician in cleric uniform preaching politics instead of the word of God to over 30,000 worshipers every Wednesday.

“Mbaka, having said that one out of the four birds he released on the First Lady’s visit to the Adoration Ground refused to fly, indicating that Jonathan would not be re-elected as president, what happened to the other three that flew? Can’t the three fight for Jonathan if actually the message was divine?”, he stated. “My new year message to my community and the state generally is not personal on Fr.Mbaka as the biblical injunction says ‘’ touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’. Mbaka should equally know that Jonathan was also anointed by over 150 million Nigerians in the 2011 general elections in the country”.

On the claim by the priest that he has been receiving threat messages since the new year message in which he asked Nigerians not to re-elect Jonathan, the monarch asked Mbaka not cry wolf where none exists as he ought to have delivered the message about the bird that refused to fly to the First Lady during her visit to Adoration Ground. “If Gen Mohammed Buhari, with the APC presidential ticket, was Fr. Mbaka’s choice, let him campaign for him through his sermon and pull over 30,000 worshipers of the Adoration to the APC. The January 4, 2015 message to the congregation was meant to discredit Jonathan’s transformation agenda (TAN) of openness, fairplay justice, honesty and accountability”, Eze stated.

“The clerk delves into politics in the name of God. During the era of erstwhile Governor Chimaroke Nnamani, Mbaka vowed to drop his cassock should Chimaroke win election for second term in office but failed to keep his words when Chimaroke was re-elected. ‘’During the time of Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo as National Chairman of the PDP, he preached a message titled, Nsukka Ndo nu (meaning Nsukka sorry) to slight the teeming population of Nsukka.

“It is only in Nigeria that you see men of God that predict what will happen in other countries both in the air and under the sea but would not predict the collapse of their churches. We expect men of God to preach messages of salvation and repentance, pray for the survival of the nation rather than delving into politics to gain cheap popularity.

“Most of the men of God crave for recognition and that is why they mount the pulpit to attack those in the authority in the country. If Mbaka feels threatened, let him seek police protection but he should equally remember that he has laid his life for Christ on the day of his ordination.”


The monarch urged the electorate to use their tongues to count their teeth in the next month’s general elections. Saying politicians employ all manners of antics to find their way into the corridor of power, he said: “We should all be aware that the unity of the country is paramount no matter whose ox is gored. Elections are not a do or die affair. Power belongs to God, so people should not force themselves into power to the detriment of the electorate.

“Nigerians have waited for so long for the 2015 general elections and we should go about it with the fear of God who is ultimate decider of life and death. Any contestant that loses out should quietly wait for God’s appointed time if any, as we do not deserve violence and blood bath as recorded in 2011.

“May I use this medium to advise all PDP guber aspirants litigant to sheath their sword and join hands with the consensus candidate, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who was anointed by Gov. Sullivan Chime, the National Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, and Enugu State stakeholders who described Ugwuanyi as the most popular and acceptable candidate to fly the flag of the party in the state. The sweetest part of Chime’s administration was fulfilling his avowed promise of giving the guber ticket to Enugu North unlike his predecessors who made similar promise but reneged. Governor Chime stuck his neck for Nsukka to produce the next governor of the state and that is the more reason all the litigants from the zone in the PDP should wind down and join hands with their kinsman, Ugwuanyi, for effective governance. The zoning formular that played out in Enugu is now a template for continuity. God has been merciful to the people of Enugu through Chime. I believe Ugwuanyi will deliver as expected. He is my subject and I knew him from birth to adulthood. He should be mindful that his predecessor left big legacies which need to be improved upon.”

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