There Will Be More Deaths In Nollywood & Entertainment Industry In 2015—Prophet Chris Okafor

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At every new year, some men of God tell the nation what God has in stock for the year. Some of these prophecies and predictions are anticipated by many NigeriansOne of such prophets in Nigeria that is held in high esteem is Chris Okafor of the Liberation City in Lagos.

The man of God, fondly called the ‘oracle of God’ for the power in his prophecies, has revealed what the year holds for different sectors of the Nigerian society, including the showbiz.

But what has been revealed to Prophet Okafor concerning the entertainment industry seems not to be palatable and if nothing is done to avert evil, the industry will record more deaths.In his prophecies for year 2015 obtained by, “There will be more (human) casualties in the entertainment industry this year if proper measure is not taken.”

Prophet Okafor said God took him across the entertainment industry and saw that those in showbiz have involved themselves in many evil deeds, which God is not happy about. He said only God’s mercy can sustain the industry if they come together with one voice God to pray to Him to avert all the calamities that are hanging on the industry.

According to the statement, a former Nigerian president, two former governors, a popular football star and a sitting governor will die in 2015.He also predicted that the already conquered Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) may resurface if proper prayers are not made.

Prophet Okafor made these and other prophecies at the Special Crossover Night service held on December 31, 2014 at his church located at 9, Oshofisan Street, off Odozie Street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos.The man of God implored Nigerians to pray against these evils.

On the general elections in Nigeria this year, the Prophet warned that there would be bloodshed before and after the elections. He said he saw blood from heaven because the ‘dark world’ has concluded plans to use the season to suck peoples’ blood, stressing that one way of achieving that is to cause a pre-election violence that will leave the whole place in blood.

He also warned that the Nigerian flag is tearing apart with a lot of blood on it. He explained that when he asked God the meaning of that sign, he was informed that if proper measure is not taken, the country is on the verge of splitting, which will result into bloodshed.To avert all these evils, the man of God has commenced a 52-week prayer session for the country, which started on January 1, 2015.

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Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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