Anglican Bishop condemns Obasanjo’s attack on Jonathan

OWERRI — Anglican Bishop of Okigwe, Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward Osuegbu, has described the continuous attack on President Goodluck  Jonathan by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as “shocking, most unfair and uncharitable, especially as it is coming from a former occupier of the office of the President of Nigeria.”

Bishop Osuegbu, in a chat with Vanguard, accused Obasanjo of having done “similar or worse things while in office”.

“Some of us who have been watching for many years now, know that it is the kettle calling the pot black. Obasanjo did similar things he is accusing the incumbent of and even worse”, Osuebu said.

According to the fiery Anglican cleric, Obasanjo is now taking pleasure in criticizing and calling President Jonathan all sorts of names because he wants to drag the President down. Possibly, Chief Obasanjo wants to drag the President down or wants him to go on his knees and coming to the retired army general to beg for support. That is most unfair”, Bishop Osuegbu said.

While saying that such criticisms had never come from any past President of United States of America, USA, the cleric however said real statesmen only advised the incumbents and nobody got to hear about it.

“They do not make noise if their advice is not taken by the incumbent. It is also noteworthy that no former President of the USA has ever castigated President Barrack Obama. This does not mean that Obama is infallible”, Osuegbu reasoned.

The Anglican cleric insisted that past presidents of America respected the office of the President of USA as if their lives depended on it, stressing that that was one way of respecting their nation.

“In our own case, a former president is at the fore front of criticizing, castigating and attacking an incumbent President with a view to destroying the system”, Osuegbu fumed.

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