It’s women’s time to arise and change Nigeria —Apostle Jegede

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Apostle Busola Jegede is the Founder of Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational Fellowship who has, based on her passion about prayer and intercession which are in line with her divine apostolic mandate, been working assiduously to raise women as intercessors for the family and nations.

She runs a vibrant prison ministry and the rehabilitation of female ex-inmates.

The Ekiti State born Chattered Accountant also mentors women through her entrepreneurial experience to help them identify business opportunities at the Destiny Academy, The Monitoring Unit and the Destiny Business Institute where skills are taught and acquired through seminars and workshops.

Apostle Jegede in this interview, sheds light on the just concluded two-day international women conference, her initiatives;“Succour for Women’s Care Foundation (SWCF), etc and emphasises the need for women to become change agents.  Excerpts.

Why the Conference on Women as Change agent?

Nigeria must experience change so as to bring an end to needless deaths and decadence rocking the country.

It is not good enough for us to talk about it because if there is no action, then, it is like the unapplied salt  and it is of no use. We need effective change which cannot take place if there is no change agent.

It must be deliberately planned and driven as well as executed and women are best designed to execute this task. I liken women as salt and light which are two change agents due to their importance and every woman must be like these two agents before we can begin to talk about changing Nigeria.

Women need to take a positive step in different capacities because until change agents apply themselves, they are not relevant. It is our time to help the men because it is our time to change the world. So, we must arise and apply our talents to transform the world.

I believe that if women can work together, they can change Nigeria and the world because men look for power but women not only take charge, they care.

If you look at women in the Bible days, Queen Esther, Deborah, Virgin Mary etc, they all did extraordinary things for God. Also, you will discover that each time there is a great task, God raises women not men.

So it is high time women rose up and make themselves available for use as change agents. But before that can be done, the women themselves must change and that is the reason Daughters of Destiny will be launching an initiative known as “A Woman Of Order”.

What are you likely to achieve through this initiative?

We are blessed in Nigeria but we are not orderly people. So I have an inspiration from God to launch  “A Woman Of Order” because we seriously need to change Nigeria and put an end to bad character and moral decadence. This programme will help us change life style and mentality of people through women.

Every woman must have currency of love, because even in the family, rebellious husbands and children are transformed with love. There must be an application of our lives to the lives of others but I warn that no woman should leave her purpose due to challenges. Maintain your vision because it is the vehicle of change in the society.

This is about change through imparting culture into our diverse sphere of influence. We encourage strong relationship with Jesus because true change can only be inspired by the Spirit of God. Stand for the truth and be inspired so as to teach and raise a generation of godly people.

Even if your child has gone the wrong way, the mother involved should not give up but be committed to getting things right again because it is the children that will make the change  sustainable.

What happens to career mothers?

Women are powerful mentors and should be committed to raising Godly children  instead of leaving things to chance. If you consider the great harm social media has done so far on our children, you will see that things have gone so bad that if it requires spending time now with your children do it and when they are grown enough to be left alone, you can resume work.

Women must not abandon looking after the family for their career. They should be change agents even at home because it is a worth  investment. Be diligent in your calling and I believe that no woman’s career should make her lose her marriage.

They should rise above limitations in order to achieve set goals and in doing this, we should not lose our relevance and our self esteem. In fact, no woman should let low esteem pull her down.

Team work is also necessary because if women form a synergy, we can put an end to violence in the country. Women must be committed to intercession and be selfless enough to bring about a better world.

What other platforms do you hope to use to achieve these goals?

Well, DOD has plans to set up a Television and Radio stations through which we can win back the youths from exposure to violence on the media. Every available platform be it media, arts/ entertainment, can be used to take over the world and bring change to the country.

Through good music and movies, the youths who have become morally bankrupt can be won over for Christ. It  is not enough to keep complaining about the indecent lyrics in today’s music and movies but a simple step further of producing better ones should definitely do the magic.

We cannot afford to fold our hands and watch ungodly change agents destroy our youths.

I also advise owners of schools to please stop being keen on the material reward that comes with establishing a school but leave a legacy so that even when you are gone, you will still be remembered.

Daughters of Destiny just launched a foundation known as “Succour for Women’s Care Foundation (SWCF) which was designed to transform lives and affect destinies for better by providing medical intervention, outreaches and empowering women socially and economically.

SWCF will also give psychological, moral and legal support to women. To match our words with action, on the 8th of May, one of  the matrons of SWCF Dr Olujoke Jones will be coming from America with high tech equipment to conduct tests such as mammogram, pap smear, HIV/AIDS screening, cervical cancer,  for indigent women as well as women groups but we are starting with women at DOD.

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