The Rise Of Religious Desperadoes :Between The Bishop And Wolves

From East to West, South to North, religion is a selling brand. Every nook  and cranny of our country has been  ecorated with litanies of self made  ministries. However, what beggars my imagination is the rate at which every  Tom, Dick and Harry receives a divine mandate from God to win souls for  him, the number of people that have been

seduced by these wolves in Roman  collar and the concomitant increase in crime rate in our society have  raised more questions than answers. The discrepancies between what is said  and done have remained a virgin.

 Nigeria may have proven Hitler right when he opined that religion is an “opium of he masses” in a polity like ours where religion have been  commercialized and politicized, differentiating between the good, the bad  and the ugly is almost an elusive “devior”. Come to think of it, the  mission and vision of Jesus for the salvation of man have been reduced to  sowing of seed. The so called prayer warriors are fast becoming  millionaires, why not? Naira and kobo must be exchanged for your prayers to  be answered. Who said the bees of materialism has not stung the society?.  Every avenue is now being exploited by idiotic desperadoes in Roman collar  to feed fat from the unsuspecting or rather the gullible masses. From the  motor park to the ministries, on the print and electronic media the message  and their antics do not differ.

 Saying no in a society where Mr “Yes” is adored and glorified is a  suicidal. Would it not be senseless for me to tread where the angels  dreads? Anyway from time immemorial men of repute have risen and dared the  status quo.  However, one man chose to prove pundits wrong Bishop Hycinth  Egbebor of Bomadi Vicariate he dashed the hope of adherent of “religious  wuruwuru and mago mago”.

It was at Bomadi our Lady of the water cathedral the Bishop reminded Mr.  Pressido who was at the funeral mass of his former National Security  Adviser Late Major General Andrew Azazi. General Andrew and Sir Patrick  Yakowa the (KSM) first Christian former Governor Kaduna State had lost  their lives in a helicopter crash after attending the funeral ceremony of  one of GEJ top aid from Bayelsa State. Lo and behold the Bishop an Ijaw son  like Jonathan rose above ethnicism, hypocricy to caution the Presido. He  chose to go solo instead of swimming at the murky water of religious “wuruwuru” and “magomago”. He dared the powers that be and dished out the  truth not minding whose ox was gored or elephant is.

 Indeed the Emmaus bread was once again broken in Bomadi. The difference is  clear. Bishop and self made Bishop are no birds of a family, talk much of  been of a feather. Unlike most religion 419ners the Bishop proved himself  worthy of his calling. He did not sell his prophetic anointing for a bundle  of naira and kobo. Walahi! opportunity they say come but once but we need  not wake up from the land of imagination in a bid to discover what  propelled the Bishop to send to the dustbin a mouth watering opportunity.  Haba my Lord, when presido visited a prayer camp sometime last year, the  traffic of blessing on him made a mockery of what committers suffer at the  Onitsha head bridge. How come you spiritual camera failed to capture the  fact that the “Presido” will secue a second tenure and even rule for  endless ages if he so desires? You were not even generous enough to give “Mr. Presido” the reigning and cheapest blessing so far, your enemies will  all die.

 Imagine his prophetic aura only hammered on the dead trap called the  East-West road among other things. Even though the “presido” was your  kinsman he chooses to remain true to yourself and millions of Nigerians. He  refused drinking from the poisoned ethnic chalice disappointing all ethnic  commandos sitting in his cathedral. I know many of them, not even in their  wildest dreams will visit his cathedral again.

 But my lord Bishop, there is fire on the mountain; the combine forces of  Pastor Sow seed, Evangelist prosperity, Senior Prophet you shall not die,  Prophetess back to sender, General Overseer death is not my portion are  sueing you for abuse of opportunity. These religious desperadoes are not  happy over your inability to use your pulpit to your advantage. The  annoyance of these marauding wolves in Roman collar is born from the fact  that you have exposed their antics and dared to be different. They want the  high court of wuruwuru and magomago to remind you that in church business,  morality, decorum and patriotism are no legal tenders. Crusade, crusade,  blessings, blessings, anointing, anointing, prophetic, prophetic vision are  the only ways out. They emphatically prayed the court to equally remind you  that smiling, dancing and winning with the “powers that be” while they rape  our collective destiny is the first articles of faith in church business.

 Pastor sow seed and Evangelist Prosperity are threatening thunder and fire  storm. They want you to explain why improvised Bishops like you A.J.V.  Obinna and Hassan Kukah, who cannot even buy a private jet will choose to  remind the voice of the voiceless. Imagine, WHAT BUSINESS WILL Bishop  Hycinth be having with the East-West road if he had a jet? Instead of  inducing the “presido” and his cromes to buy him a jet in memory of late  General Azazi, HE chose to cane the presidency from his pulpit. Since the  Bishop have made himself a “communer” the presidential blood bank will sky  rocket if he dies like other innocent and patriotic Nigerians plying the  East-West road.

 The pain that the commander of the armed looters of the corrupt republic  got in the cathedral is giving him sleepless night and this has propelled  him to action. The projects have been awarded and are due to be completed  by 2014. If Bishop Hycinth had co-operated, the millions of naira budgeted  for the project could have been smiling in some foreign account after  paying tithes of thanksgiving for successful thief_thief, to the god who  feeds on naira and kobo.

 Truth be told, the rise and reign of religious desperadoes is an ill wind  that blows no society good. Yes, secularism is a price our society cannot  afford to pay. God created man and any quest by man to exist without God  his creator is a naked foolery. However, the society need not smile when  the so called ministries, prayer houses and healing center and the wolves  in roman collars are profaning the name of God. The words of this way  masters and their “mugulistic”, “mumulistic” “wawalistic” and “wulistic” may be attractive, irresistible, enticing, sophisticated, magically  captivating but it is like honey laced with poison.

  All who choose to live in a licking room when the rain is about to fall by  kissing a viper should realize that all that glitters is not gold. May God  preserve and protect us from “419ners in pastor’s suit” and may Bishop  Hycinth and his likes continue to flog politicians and their cronies to  repentance from the pulpit.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC and CEO of Portia Web Solutions. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websites. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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