Beware of false prophets— Lazarus Muoka

Lazarus MuokaGENERAL Overseer of Lord Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, Pastor Lazarus Muoka has contended that there were signs of growing indifference towards God’s Word because of worsening economic conditions in the country. He further contends that the worsening economic conditions had also given rise to false prophets who are devising various unorthodox means of surviving in the midst of squalor.

Apparently disburbed by growing activities of false prophets as captured by several depictions including; Nigerian churches and the rising influence of marine spirits (Parts 1&2); My hero pastor is a false prophet (Parts 1&2); New style prophets and their visions of phone numbers, bank details and ladies underwear; Backslidden pastors and the patronage of a Port Harcourt-based occult woman among others, Pastor Muoka warned Nigerians to be wary of fake pastors who now masquerade in different garbs to lure innocent people into their fold and attract filthy lucre.

Addressing a mammoth crowd of worshippers at the closing ceremony of the just concluded 2-day annual revi-val crusade tagged “From sorrow to joy,” at the national headquarters, the pastor said “what the devil uses to capture people these days is false pro-phecy.

“Beware of prophecies and false prophets. Some will tell you even your bank details and your phone numbers and how much you have in your pockets. But, I say to you, beware of false prophets, so that it will be well with you.”
According to Pastor Muoka, who drew inspiration from several Bible scriptures, “not every voice is recognised in Heaven. At the time of revival such as this, do nothing but just allow the Holy Spirit to operate and you just follow.”

The pastor who mounted the altar at about 4.09 p.m. to preach the only sermon of the day to an expectant crowd of worshippers who had defied the mid-morning torrential rain, maintained that a sinner cannot be a Christian, just a Christian cannot be a sinner, stressing that whosoever is born of God does not commit sin.
The sermon which lasted for one hour and about 10 minutes was interspaced with songs of victory in line with the theme of the programme; ‘From sorrow to joy’ especially the special theme song; Sorrow bye bye, Bye bye; Sorrow bye bye; I belong to God.”

Typical of Lord Chosen’s services, the crusade began with a long session of testimonies by persons who claimed to have received one breakthrough or the other during previous services and testifiers came from various nations of the world including Malaysia, Canada and many other nations.
Lord Chosen which is just 11 years old is said to have presence in 138 nations of the world.

During the ministration, another set of persons who received instant healings as the pastor prayed were given another opportunity to testify of the goodness of God. “Pastor, for the past nine years this Mama could not walk but at your prayer the affliction was roled away.” And immediately, the crowd would roar in ecstacy in acknowledgement of the wonders of God.

Eight year stroke; 10-year stroke; 12-year deaf and dumb; 21-year deaf and dumb; endless calls of diverse divine interventions were announced as the pastor often broke in to lead the congregation in singing; “Sorrow bye bye….I belong to God”.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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