The impact on family life imposed by absent fathers

Depressed KidFamily life is greatly impacted when there is an absent father because of the omission of the father's example, love, protection, emotional, and financial support. When there is an absentee father there is no one to set the example for little boys to teach them how to grow up to be real men. We have lost a generation of real men to raise families on their own with at a father's leadership. (This article is not intended to show disrespect for hardworking single mothers who have raised fine and upstanding men.)

A real man knows how important it is to treat the members in his family kindly allowing them to feel comfortable in expressing ideas and secure with their opinions. With the absence of the father figure in the family we have seen wide spread abuse in the family unit from now grown male children who did not have a father in the home. Not only wives are subject to the abuse because of the absentee father figure but children are victims as well.

The example a father sets in the home is very important. Male children without fathers tend to become absentee fathers themselves, or abusive fathers, entering in a perpetual cycle of abuse and absenteeism. Female children tend to go from relationship to relationship looking for love from a male figure they didn't receive while growing up because of the absence of the father. The female child is unsure of qualities to look for in a companion since the father was absent during her developing years. She then relies on her own fantasies to find companionship only to be disappointed.

When the father is absent there is no one to teach empathy and compassion so selfishness reigns in the family unit. Each individual tends to pursuit what will benefit the individual instead of the family. Selfishness tends to be a dominant factor in absent fathers, the material care and emotional support of the family is not of importance. The father should be with the family taking responsibility as the head of the household. The mother now has to assume this role leaving her to work two or more jobs to provide for the basic needs of her family. The emotional and spiritual support of the children tends to be neglected by the mother to ensure the family has regular food and shelter.

With the father absent from the family the example of going to work everyday is not provided for the children and especially the male child. A real man provides for his family by working hard. A J-O-B should not be considered a curse word. With the father absent,

the family may have to rely on government assistance if the mother can not work to provide for the family. If a family continues to rely on government assistance the children assume this is a normal way life and do not consider alternate goals or options. The children may feel it would be better to pursue easy money by selling drugs or pursue other illegal activity. The absentee father is not there to provide direction for the children or explain the benefits of hard work. This has lead to a cycle of poverty and deprivation.

An absentee father misses the opportunity to mold his children. A real man provides direction and instills values in the family. An absentee father is not there to share stories of his childhood and use them as examples to help his children to avoid the mistakes he made growing up. If the father wasn't absent values learned the hard way would be explained to the children. The children would gain an understanding of the lessons in breaking moral and social laws assisting them in making proper decisions and strengthening them for adulthood.

Absentee fathers are more interested in prolonging their childhood and fleeing from the responsibilities of being an adult. They are still making the same mistakes from their past and set a bad example for their children when they do visit. The children's social and emotional growth may be stunted by the absentee fathers example and they too decide to take the easy way out when confronted with school or work related issues.

An absentee father very rarely shows regard for the emotional or financial support of the family. A real man is supportive and protective of his family. The lack of support shown by the absentee father has allowed social predators to attack the family. These predators may be in the form of gang members who are willing to take the place of the absentee father in providing emotional and financial support for the children as well as offering a feeling of protection. Without a father's presence to deter or negate the negative influences, the family unit may be subject to various situations that can result in persons taking advantage of them financially, sexually, and physically.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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