18-Year-Old Girl Gets Brut*lly T0rtured For 8 Hours By Her Friends

Beware of who you become friends with. This is perhaps the lesson of a lifetime that Summer Gregg, 18 years old, learned the hard way recently.

Although she knew them and was good to them, Gregg was brutally tortured by Jay Blades, James Canning and Amy Gaines. The horrific incident took place at Blade’s house in Doncaster, South Yorkshire as a fulfillment of his birthday wish.

The heartless trio punched her in the face, beat her with a chain, and urinated on her. To make matters worse, they even filmed the attack.

Gregg eventually ended up being hospitalized for 3 days, gaining a lot of bruises, elbow fracture, and blood vessel bursting in both eyes.

At one point, she admitted about contemplating to jump from the eight floor (which was 50 ft above the ground) in order to escape her attackers who tortured her for 8 hours.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it out of the flat alive and thought jumping out of the window would either kill me or save me,” Gregg said. “At that point I began to think it was my only way out.”

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