7 signs your boyfriend is totally in love with you

When it comes to love and relationship, there are no definite rules and regulations to follow.

Bear it in mind that feeling it is one thing, but gauging it from others – quite another.

While those three magic words are probably the easiest way to know if your boyfriend loves you or not, there are other ways to tell you are more than just a casual fling.

    You're a priority: He has interests, hobbies and activities he enjoys outside of your relationship but, when it comes to time delegating, you come before an XBox or anything else.

    He cuddles you without trying to get in your panties: That's not to say regular sex isn't always welcome. Just that if your boyfriend likes getting cosy without expecting anything afterwards, you could be talking long-term.

    You can talk to each other forever: Regular texts and phone calls are pretty standard at the beginning of a relationship – and a morning check-in WhatsApp message does not mean your boyfriend spends his lunchbreak planning an engagement video that might go viral. However if a high level of contact is maintained once the honeymoon period is over he's thinking about you, still, a lot. Which means he should either get himself a more stimulating job, or it's love.

    PDAs: Regular public displays of affection are a tell-tale sign you are more than just a flash in the pan. If your boyfriend holds your hand at every opportunity, strokes your back and kisses you spontaneously in the street, you either look like Genevieve Nnaji or he loves you.

    Getting jealous: A healthy dose of jealousy never harmed anybody and, although there is nothing worse than a boyfriend who accuses you of flirting when you ask a waiter for the bill, an occasional bit of green-eyed monster shows he cares.

    Weekends with the in-laws: Introducing you to his friends means he thinks you're fit and he wants to show you off. Introducing you to his family means you're his girlfriend. Do not confuse the two.

    You chat for hours about nothing: The man who sees you as nothing more than a fling does not consider three hours on the phone talking about realty TV shows – a worthy way to spend a Sunday evening. The man who loves you cannot imagine why he has never done it before.

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