6 kinds of friends who shouldn’t be your bridesmaid


Since they’ll spending most of the day with you, it is important that you choose people who you would be comfortable to be with for several hours without losing your temper.

As a bride, your bridesmaids are your assistants on your wedding day, and they are there to help you look and feel pretty as you start your journey into marital life.

Since they’ll spending most of the day with you, it is important that you choose people who you would be comfortable to be with for several hours without losing your temper.

In selecting your bridesmaids, there are 6 kinds of friends you should beware of or else, they will ruin your big day!

    The Drama Queen: We all have that one friend you always wants to be the centre of attention. She talks louder than everyone else, and always has something to say about somebody or something. This kind of friend will surely make you miserable, especially when choosing dress styles of during fittings. She will always want everyone to dance to her tune, and eventually she will take it upon herself to plan your wedding. It would really make sense for you to drop this kind of girl from your list of prospective bridesmaids or will have to pay dearly for choosing her.

    The Gossip: She knows everything about everyone (or so she says). She tells it all and holds nothing back. This kind of friend will stir trouble in midst of your other friends, with her half-truths and unsolicited pieces of advice. If you know any of your friends who fits perfectly with this description, please do yourself a favour and don’t add her to your bridal train.

    The Ring Leader: If you’re not the ring leader among your ‘committee of friends,’ then it has to be someone else. How do spot her? She is bossy and always wants to be in charge. Unlike the Drama Queen, she’s quiet but very calculating. If things don’t go her way, she will create a league of loyal followers within the group who will oppose you and generally make your life difficult. The Ring Leader would make a suggestion, and if you don’t agree, she will throw it open for a vote – and with the ‘majority’ behind her, you will surely lose. If you are wise, you would strike this one off your list quickly.

    The Green-Eyed Monster: This one is the perpetual ‘hater’ – nobody and nothing is good enough. Jealousy oozes from every pore in her body. Everything is a competition to her. This type of friend will try to outdo you on your wedding day. She will be the one to opt for a different design from the agreed bridesmaid dress style, just so she could alter hers till she’s all but naked, drawing everyone’s attention to her. In fact, she just can’t be outdone and that is something you should be worried about. Don’t choose her!

    The Mother Hen: While this one is not exactly bossy, she is always armed with words of wisdom for you even when they are irrelevant to the matter at hand. While she might be very useful when it comes to rallying the girls and pushing them to get things done; she can sometimes overestimate her importance to the extent of creating an agenda which you may be forced to follow against your will, as everyone now looks up to her for directions on what to do next instead of asking you. I’m sure you know what to do with this one.

    The Complainer: This one is worse than all the rest. Everything is a problem to her – the dress colour, the choice of shoes, the proposed hairstyle, the size of the fascinators, and everything else. Nothing is right in her eyes. This one would tell you point blank that your wedding dress is too shabby or drab. She doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings. Not only would she make you miserable, but everybody would also hate you for including her in the group. Do yourself a favour and let her be.

Which other kind of friend do you think should not make it to bridesmaids list? Share your answers with me in the comments!

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