What Constitutes Cheating in a Relationship?

cheating“The sin is in the desire and the wish, not the action”
Recently the Universe has been bringing me people who are not being true to themselves or their significant other.  I listen to their stories and have realized that they do not understand the concept of a sacred relationship or a sacred union.  On a metaphysical level, when anyone begins a loving relationship with another, your heart is creating a sacred space of Love, Trust, protection and security.  When you make Love or have sex with another, you a physically and Spiritually connecting to that person.  The woman technically takes in her man; womb + man = woman.  The man opens up to her Love through the heart.  However, people are neglecting this truth and are being tempted by their carnal desires.
When a man or woman makes a commitment to be with someone in Love or Marriage, they are binding their Souls together in sacred love or Sacred Union.  When either man or woman allows an outside imposter to tempt them, a hole is created in this sacred egg or bubble.  In this action, they have allowed ego to start a process of desecrating your sacred space.  You have opened the door to the devil.
When a person gets married to another, they are making a commitment to be together in sickness and in health, until death do them part.  Things will not always be peachy keen.  There will be fights, there will be arguments and disagreements.  There will be times that you just want to leave, but you must remember that Love is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine.  The piece of paper you get from the court house to bind your marriage is just that.  It is a written document, by the power of your written word that you will be faithful, loyal, and Love each other for the rest of your waking life.  Numerous people have made remarks, “It does not mean anything to me, it’s just a piece of paper.”  Yes, it is a piece of paper, but it is a binding contract in this realm and the Spiritual Realm.  So when you sit there and tell me that you have been sleeping with someone else or that you have been courting someone, while you’re still married and living in the same house as your spouse, I am sorry to reveal that you are not only naïve, but you’re ignorant, selfish  and do not know what the concept of Love is.  You are committing Adultery.
The tenth commandment is “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.’   In this statement, you should not want anything that is not yours for the taking, especially someone’s wife, girlfriend, partner, boyfriend or husband.  Don’t come to me and make excuses for your actions, knowing full well that you are breaking a Spiritual Commandment of Christ.  You can make excuses until your red in face, but you are still an “Adulterer” and a “Cheater.”  You have decided to not only hurt yourself, but you have hurt all other parties involved.  It’s even worse for those who are married and have children, because you are not only cheating on your wife or husband, you are cheating on your family.   Make excuses for your actions, but in the eyes of Christ, you have committed an extremely terrible act.  You not only break the heart of your spouse, but you break the hearts of your children, causing psychological issues in regards to “Trust.”
If you are married or separated, if you start a relationship (emotional, sexual, Spiritual, etc.) with another, you are “Cheating.” Constantly emailing, texting, calling, hanging out, going to lunch or dinner, sexting, etc., is “Cheating.”  You must move away from your spouse or family and wait until your binding contract has been voided through divorce.  That “Piece of Paper” is a binding Spiritual contract and until you take the necessary actions to move out and get a divorce, you are causing physical, mental and Spiritual damage to yourself, your spouse, family and your children.
Every single man in my family has cheated on their wife.  I had so much respect for my father, until he too was tempted and embraced it with open arms.  It took me a long time to finally “Trust” a man.  I had to learn that not all men or woman cheat.  I realized it’s those who have a weak connection with Christ or a weak connection with their own heart or Higher Self, who succumb to the temptations of Ego.  I don’t care if you aren’t happy in your relationship.  If you aren’t happy with the one you chose to marry, then you aren’t happy with yourself.  My father’s mother has been married 7 times, Seven!  When will people realize and stop blaming others for their unhappiness?  Once they take a good look in the mirror and accept that it’s their own damn fault that their unhappy and stop blaming other people, then they will be on the road to recovery.  One needs to take responsibility for their own actions and begin to live from the heart, rather than from the carnal mind.  The mind loves carnal things.  It loves pleasure, touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing, talking.  However, we must allow our heart to guide our actions.  We all know what is right from wrong, but when you make decisions based upon carnal pleasures, you are disconnected from the heart.  You are connecting to Ego, rather than Christ.
If you are one of these people committing an act of adultery against your spouse or partner, you better think twice.  Karma is manifesting more quickly than you will ever comprehend.  You will be sitting their crying, wondering why life is throwing rocks at you, not realizing that you caused it by your own selfish choices and actions.  You do have the ability to change things around, if you are honest with yourself and live by, “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”  Cheating on someone is something that you, yourself, would not want to go through, so why do you think your partner or spouse would be okay with it?  Think about it!  Do the right thing, make your choices from heart, rather than your mind or Ego.  If you’re married, set your spouse free by getting a divorce.  Don’t open your arms to temptation until you have severed the tie to your ex.  People’s hearts are at play here!  If you break someone’s heart because of your own selfish desires, you too will have your heart broken.  This is the law of the Universe.  You cannot hide nor can you avoid the consequences.  Everything must play out to clear all karma.
Love is the key here!  You must love yourself fully and accept yourself as you are right now in this moment, before you can truly Love another.  If you cheat, you don’t know how to love yourself or anyone else for that matter.  If you are one of these people, it is recommended that you end any relationship until you can understand what it means to truly love someone.  You cannot go through your life hurting and ruining your own relationships because you feel like something is missing in your life.  No pleasure, place, thing, or person is going to fill that empty void in your heart.  Only Love can fill the void and until you can open your heart to it, you will constantly be looking for it.  Let Love enter your heart and your relationships will heal themselves.  If you have any inkling of love in your heart for the one you are hurting, then set them free.
However, if you are still in Love with your partner or Spouse, bring the Truth to the surface.  It will either go two ways, but you have now released the shame and the guilt for doing something behind their back.  Forgiveness is so cleansing.  When you can forgive yourself, Ego loses it’s grasp on you.  Love can conquer all, but where there is union without Love, there will be Love without union.  The act of making love is a Spiritual union.  We crave Love, but we also crave Christ.  In a Loving union, when coming together with your partner, you are both connecting with Christ on a Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level.  When you allow someone else to jump in the picture, you are now creating a “Spiritual threesome or foursome,”  you get picture.  A sacred union is two individuals coming together through the binding of the heart; It is when two hearts, become one.  This is a Loving and Sacred connection.  It is what we all strive for; A Loving union with the one we Love!

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