Thank you to the author of the excellent article: “The Dignity of Marriage.”

Thank you to the author of the excellent article: “The Dignity of Marriage.”

The author wrote about the secularization of the vocabulary conception in the term: marriage.

Further the author author addressed the minimalization of the psycho-spiritual elements, experience, and outcomes within the conceptualization of the term or meanings within the idea of: marriage.

Finally, it seems to me, the author addressed the mass marketed meme in a consumption economy -not only financially but in actual intrinsic (internalized) thoughts- where in one’s actions or conduct has become automatic based upon an internal thought/emotion/motivation pattern–  where in one world wide is encouraged to think of relationships and interactions purely in terms, concrete physical terms, in a transaction analysis and never reach beyond it, anymore, even in belief for the cognition is lost in a dream or the past – a belief or cognition that marriage is more than just that, a physical transaction.

This defies the psycho spiritual cultural past which created generations in humanity.

I think the author addresses this cultural misconception and redefinition of the term and concept of marriage well.

Thanks to you.              Mrs. Ruth Williams

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