Icelander cult group, PDP plan to commence immediate elimination of APC leaders in ONELGA

Credible information just received by the Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, indicates that the Icelander cult group and their Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] allies in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area [ONELGA] have met and agreed to commence the immediate elimination of APC leaders of ONELGA origin irrespective of where such APC members reside in Rivers State.

The detailed information confirms that, following security operations carried out by the military on 11/1/2016 at the house of one Igwe Ejima Dibia alias DON WANNIE at Aligu village in ONELGA, members of Icelander cult group and their PDP collaborators held a meeting at about 2300hrs at Obohia in Omoku and concluded that prominent members of the APC will be eliminated irrespective of whether they live in ONELGA or Port Harcourt and other locations in the State as long as they are of ONELGA origin. They alleged that it is the prominent leaders of APC of the LGA that masterminded last Monday raid by the military and the alleged destruction of Don Wannie’s house.

The report indicates that the Icelander cult group and their PDP cohorts have drawn a battle line between them and the APC supporters and Federal Government agencies [including security agencies] in the LGA and State.

The APC wishes to re-state that its members in ONELGA or in any other part of Rivers State have nothing to do with ongoing security operations by security agencies in ONELGA or any other part of Rivers State.

We call on relevant authorities to take the threat on the life of our members of ONELGA origin and elsewhere very seriously and do the needful to protect the lives and properties of everyone within and outside of ONELGA. We emphasise that given the antecedents of the Icelander cult group and their PDP allies, they are very capable of carrying out their heinous threat especially in ONELGA.

Chief [Dr] Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, JP

State Chairman

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