Confession of an Illuminati Human Programmer and Hollywood’s Role In the Illuminati

This post, and the information and links contained within it, presumes you are already informed enough to know the Illuminati, or The New World Order as some refer to it, is all TOO real. For the most part, time is short, so trying to “win over” the hearts and minds of the ignorant is no longer a fool’s errand many of us in the alternative media wish to partake in. For the most part, this post will be broken down into 4 basic parts:

1. A brief introduction to the Illuminati

2. Hollywood’s role in the “programming” of the masses in accordance with the Illuminati agenda

3. An actual confession from a former Illuminati Human Programmer (WARNING: The content of this portion discusses traumatic programming in some detail, and could be very triggering to survivors who have undergone this type of abuse. If you are a survivor, please do not read unless you are with a safe person, or with your therapist)

4. What to expect and more information


As I said, for the most part this post is not intended to try to win anyone over if they are not already a believer. I’ll be sure to say a prayer for them when the sh** hits the fan. Dave Hodges, Host of The Common Sense Show, once said in a post:

“Some of my very best contacts have told me that it is time to stop warning the people, because it is now time to start hiding from the wrong people.”

Not being of the belief that it is time to go into hiding or shut up completely YET, I’ll offer one nugget to anyone still questioning the existence of a New World Order to begin this post, and TONS more information can be found provided within the links throughout the post, and at the bottom. So, unless you’ve been living under rock, you know the U.S. is now approximately $19 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt. We are the largest debtor nation on the planet. We are also one of the two largest economies in the world, the other being China. Said another way, we are “allegedly” the biggest and baddest boys on the block (if you listen to mainstream media or “conventional thinking”).

It could be debated I suppose, although how intelligently I don’t know, whether or not a “New World Order” is real or whether it is no more than the manufactured fantasy of “Conspiracy Theorists.” What CANNOT be debated however, is whether There Are Really 13 Global Banking Families That Own the World. The Rothschild’s, arguably the wealthiest of those families, is estimated to be worth approximately $500 TRILLION DOLLARS. Compare that with the national debt of the most powerful superpower on earth accumulated over the 239 years of our existence, and the math does not lie. The Rothschild’s alone could buy or sell the United States several times over with the money in their piggy bank.

Therefore, since we all know money is power, I rest my case on whether there is a global cabal that ACTUALLY runs the world behind the FACADE that the mainstream media tells us runs the world. Case closed. For an absolutely earth shattering look into this Secret Society, the following documentary, only an hour in length, will take your breath away.

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