A Young Nigerian’s Thoughts About Saraki’s Trial

Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon can no longer save the falconer, the centre can no longer hold. – W.B Yeats.

The madness that affected the immediate-past president of Nigeria that turned him into a virtual tyrant seems to have been vaccinated with his loss at the polls. However, our new president, the ‘converted democrat’ seems to not have gotten the memo that instructed him to take the ‘anti-tyrant’ vaccine.

Many of the reasons why the last administration was hated included an aggressive abuse of the rule of law. It will take Nigerians some time to forget how the PDP under Jonathan used all the agencies at her disposal to intimidate members of the opposition party ranging from withdrawal of security details, barricading from entering or leaving government buildings and airports, scattering of peaceful gatherings of the opposition for whatever reasons and many more.

Because of this, I have a few questions for our President, and my fellow Nigerians:

1. I want to ask the right thinking Nigerians reading this to please tell me what our President is doing while the rule of law is being abused and he is keeping mute?

2. We saw how the President was vocally vibrant on campaign grounds so why has he suddenly lost his voice?

3. Will the President watch while some few miscreants hijack the mantle of ruler-ship of this country and act like gods? Who is he afraid of?

4. Mr President should remember that we shall hold him accountable if this country burns due to his silence and inaction on boiling issues centred on the misuse of rule of law targeted at the senate president of Nigeria.

5. Shouldn’t Nigerians be worried that the president is just sitting back and watching while the number 3 citizen is being abused and blatantly being undermined by unscrupulous elements in both the ruling party, and the executive branch?

6. It took PDP almost 16 years before they had a President who doesn’t know his left from his right but i want to believe President Buhari won’t be like that.

The controversy surrounding the senate President Saraki asset declaration of 12 years ago is a shame and mockery of the highest degree. It has always been shades of different allegations since Saraki became the senate president and pitifully, our president has been mute all along or could he be the sponsor of all the numerous ill propaganda that has been targeted at the Senate President? It has sad that the rumour that the President sways in the direction of the tiny ‘self-interested’ voices that seem to be poisoning his mind towards Saraki.

Saraki’s score card in 100 days as Nigeria senate President showed serious activities, openness and transparency that Nigerians have never enjoyed so i ask why would Buhari keenly wish to oust Saraki knowing fully well that the independence of NASS can only be guaranteed and guarded by people with Saraki’s kind of foresight and leadership?

Without any feeling of guilt in my mind, I wish to tell the president to press on and oust Saraki but he should not forget that once your true allies have been defeated, that when the wolves around you begin to show their teeth.

The president has many wolves around him. Some of them are even at his front, or as the Yoruba’s would say: “Asiwaju

By Dami Lanre

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