The former Chief of Staff to the Rivers State Government, Chief Emeh Glory Emeh has cautioned the Wike-led Government in the State to be careful in how it handles the nomination of a true son and former Governor of the state, Rt. Hon, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.


Chief Emeh described Rt. Hon. Amaechi as a rare gift from God to the people of the state who need to be appreciated rather than being vilified and cautioned that those who touch the Lord’s anointed stand the risk of being visited with the wrath of God.

Glory Emeh who is also a legal practitioner and former Commissioner for Transport and Aviation during the tenure of Governor Peter Odili wondered what the Wike Government will achieve in running down a fellow Rivers man and in fact Wike’s kinsman of Ikwerre extraction.

‘’There should be an end to this primitive rat chasing”. Chief Emeh stressed.

He however commended the Senator Saraki-led Senate for the maturity with which they are handling the vituperation of the representatives of the state on the floor of the Senate.

He agreed with the Senators when they observed that the subject- matter of the spurious petition is already before a court of competent jurisdiction, wondering why any person will take delight in over-flogging a matter that has been diligently investigated by competent agencies of Government with authority and responsibility to do so.

The elder statesman also commended the senators for spontaneously and unanimously rising against the presenter of the petition on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday.


‘’This action by the Senators showed that the 8th assembly is made up of worthy representatives of the people of the country and that there is still hope for the generality of the country, judging by the maturity and understanding they exhibited by that singular act’’, Emeh said.

Barrister Emeh urged the Senate to appreciate that the matter of the petition against Rt. Hon. Amaechi is designed to settle unnecessary local petty squabbles and has no conformity with facts, accuracy and truthfulness, and therefore should be disregarded and confined to the dustbin where it rightfully belongs.

He further stressed that the Senate already has the reputation of not sacrificing merit on the altar of primitive local sentiments that ought to be condemned in its entirety.

He also cited the examples of Lagos, Kogi and even Rivers States in the 7th Senate, where nominees for ministerial positions were cleared irrespective of the petty opinion expressed by the Senators from their various states.

The elder statesman also commended Senator Dino Melaye for throwing more light on the fact that the Senators are not going to witch-hunt anybody and cannot be drawn into unnecessary local politics.

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