Hon. Igbuya has respect for women, Says Ebireri

The Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Henry Ebireri on Thursday, dismissed allegation that Hon. Igbuya Monday hated women and urged women to think of ways of claiming more space and opportunities in the country, particularly Delta State.

In a statement issued in Asaba, the Chief Press Secretary thanked the civil society organizations for championing gender equality and women’s empowerment.

‘We need to work towards increasing the number of women in decision making positions, parliament and other governmental positions. We need to create more awareness and support women seeking elective positions’’ the statement said.

“Mr. Speaker is a promoter of women’s participation in politics, governance and all walks of specializations. He respects women. He knows their importance and will continue to protect women’s rights” the statement said.

Ebireri who also identified the prevailing exclusion or limited participation of women in politics and governance, the norms, customs and traditions of our society as challenges facing women in the country, appealed to women rights group to put forward proposals on women can be fully supported, in order to flourish and function without sense of exclusion.

. “Rt. Hon Ovwigho Igbuya is providing a visionary, dedicated and people-oriented leadership in the House” the statement added.


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