Toyota Reveals Software Fault on the Toyota Prius Hybrid: Recalls 625000 Hybrid Cars

Nigeria being the largest African market is beginning to embrace the use of Hybrid vehicles since a few automobile giants have begun to produce hybrid versions of models that popular in this vehicle market. The question here is; are we safe purchasing hybrid engine vehicles rather than the usual gasoline or diesel engine vehicles?
This question becomes a very important topic to start a discussion in the world of automobile after most popular car manufacturer brand in Nigeria Toyota, has today revealed a software error discovered with the Toyota Prius Hybrid model. The statement made confirms that this software problem has not led to any injuries or crashes yet but however the possibility of future reports are likely to be made.
Affected year models that are being recalled by Toyota for repairs fall within the May 2010 and November 2014 manufacture date periods. The total number of Toyota Prius Hybrid cars that needs to be returned for repairs currently amounts to about 625,000 globally.
Therefore Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicle owners in Nigeria will be advised to react to the message that’s being sent across by Toyota Motors Corp and also know the advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid car.

Author Profile: Kingsley Ampaw, a specialist in automobile and contributor to car classified company Carmudi operating in Nigeria and backed by one of the largest Internet Incubator, Africa Internet Group. He holds a Master’s degree in International Management and based in Berlin, Germany.

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