Top leaders of Delta State support Governor Okowa’, Ebireri urges

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—– warns those working against Governor Okowa

Chief Press Secretary to the Delta State House of Assembly Speaker, Mr. Henry Ebireri on Thursday reached out to top leaders of the state, urging them to support Governor Ifeanyi Okowa saying,“His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is forthright, honest and meek in attitude. He understands issues of both economics and socio-political weight and he is driving the state in the direction that we want it.

In a statement issued in Asaba, Ebireri expressed optimism that Governor Okowa would win at the tribunal.

He praised the governor for the radical changes in the state.  “Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is a role model and the best governor in Nigeria. He is a committed member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and also receptive to new ideas which are needed in sustaining the Delta beyond oil initiative of the past administration” he said.

He warned those working against Governor Okowa in the state, urging traditional rulers, politicians, women and youths to support the governor. “Rt. Hon Ovwigho Igbuya has a cordial relationship with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has vision, moral fortitude, zeal, leadership, commitment and love for all. He enjoys the friendship of the leadership of the party and the confidence of the people and will definitely triumph at the tribunal” the statement said.

Ebireri who exuded confidence that Dr. Okowa would defeat his opponents at the tribunal lauded him for galvanizing the people to self-development, energizing the economy, raising the standard of living of the people through adequate inter-village communication, focusing on capacity-building institutions, increasing rural output and creating employment opportunities.

“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is showing the necessary leadership by matching words with action through evolving workable development approaches, proper co-ordination and funding.”

Continuing, the statement said “Delta State is witnessing consolidated and programmed development. Governor Okowa is running the affairs of the state successfully. In making appointments, Okowa is taking the entire geography of the state into consideration, paying adequate attention to interests that will assist in the overall development of the state and spreading social and infrastructural amenities.

Ebireri described Governor Okowa as a charismatic leader with a strong moral belief of how things should be; urging him not to be disturbed by the actions of some unscrupulous politicians.

“Please keep up the good work, particularly, urban and rural development, job creation and empowerment of the less privileged and the vulnerable in our society” he said.

The statement also praised the honourable speaker for promoting the people’s welfare and taking the state to greater heights. “Rt. Hon Igbuya is an embodiment of progress, peace and prosperity in Sapele. He is providing the right leadership for the betterment of the people of the state, particularly Sapele. He is a stickler for hard work and excellence” the statement added.

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