Press statement on the indiscriminate arrests of APC chieftains across Rivers state

The Rivers State chapter of the All Progressives’ Congress is appalled at the unmasked attempt of President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Jonathan to annihilate and eliminate the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State.

While we condemn this rape of democracy and the refusal of the Peoples Democratic Party to submit itself to free and fair election, the APC in Rivers State wishes to request it supporters not to be intimidated by the ridiculous attempt of the PDP to scare its opponents, especially APC.  It is certain that the PDP is unable to come to terms with the fact that the party and its candidates have been roundly rejected by Rivers people.

 We also wish to inform Rivers people and indeed all Nigerians that as members of the APC we will ensure that we will use all legal instruments and ways to protect our rights to free and fair elections. We also wish to notify the  Rivers State police command to be ready to arrest all of us as we will demand to be arrested alongside any  of our members arrested by the police in any of our communities. The APC in Rivers State can no longer stand idly by while the PDP and its police continue to indiscriminately arrest our members and lock them up. We ask all our members or remain calm. This one too shall pass. Nigeria isn’t any one persons property and Rivers State belongs to all of us.

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