Dazed by Dakuku’s door-to-door master stroke, r/s PDP goes for the ‘big lie’

Terribly jarred, dazed and bemused by the huge success of APC Governorship Candidate, Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside’s door-to-door campaigns by the Greater Together Campaign Organisation and several voluntary groups in Rivers State, the Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] has, once again, resorted to the deployment of the ‘big lie’ theory of propaganda to shield itself from the state of quandary it has found itself with its highly discredited and morally degraded candidate, Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike.

The wild accusation by the PDP that the Rivers State Governor is about to finance the APC in Rivers State to buy up Permanent Voters Cards [PVC] during the various door-to-door campaigns by loyalists of Dr. Dakuku Peterside across Rivers State, is only a clueless and infantile attempt to derail and cast doubt on the momentum of acceptability and popularity of the APC Governorship Candidate, which has become obvious and glaring since the APC door-to-door campaign kicked off in towns, villages, fishing ports and hamlets across the state.

What is causing heartaches and pains to the PDP is the sheer number and momentum of the door-to-door campaigns for Dr. Dakuku Peterside by religious leaders, the intelligentsia, artisans, lawyers, youths, students, non-indigenes and others throughout Rivers State.

As a political party, the APC has come to terms that it is dealing with a bunch of dishonourable group of individuals in the PDP in Rivers State especially casting its mind back to how the leadership of the PDP led by Felix Obuah emerged.

The incessant resort by the PDP to use of the ‘big lie’ will make the original promoters of the theory, Adolf Hitler and his chief propagandists, Josef Goebbels smile in envy in their graves. But just as those men were dishonourable in their time, so are the likes of Nyesom Wike, Felix Obuah and Jerry Needam of this time.

The APC would like to unequivocally state that the PDP and its governorship candidate should look elsewhere to find answers as to why their attempted popularity test through a door-to-door engagement with Rivers people has failed woefully and quickly paled into insignificance.

However, we could be of help by reminding the PDP that it has a thoroughly bad and unmarketable brand in Nyesom Wike. It might also be helpful to remind the PDP that with their leadership in the state made up of mainly buccaneers, their future and electoral prospects are threatened only by their own dog-eat-dog philosophy of existence typical of men of such traits.

The APC would like to state that, as a matter of principle, it believes in one man, one vote and therefore would never do anything with a view to benefitting from any contrived or subverted process on its road to winning the 2015 elections and indeed any other elections for that matter. Our only interest in the PVC is that it is the only weapon that every individual must deploy to either punish and send any bad government packing or vote in a promising party like the APC. No more!

Chris Finebone

State Publicity Secretary

Tuesday, March 4, 2015.

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