2015 polls: Lagos Group launches campaign for change in govt

The Free Lagos Movement has pledged to be in the forefront to ensure a change of guard in the administration of Lagos State in the April governorship elections.

The movement also appealed to Lagosians to use their inviolable power of franchise as a legitimate transaction of freedom at the elections.

Speaking at the campaign launch, the convener of the Free Lagos Movement, Mr. Akin Rhodes urged Lagos residents to vote out what he described as a government that has succeeded in pushing further, the frontiers of suffering by the people.

Rhodes argued that “for the past 16 years, we have witnessed the annexation of Lagos State resources into an estate of one man leading to government for one rather than government for all. There have been widespread complaints of high-handedness and witch-hunting made by Lagos residents from all walks of life part of which gave the idea for The Free Lagos Movement.”

He, however, noted that “this is not about one man but the awareness that a system that produces such a situation should not arise again. The overriding interest of Free Lagos Movement is advocacy for freeing Lagos State and its resources from the shackles of one man who has held the state hostage since the return of democracy since 1999.”

Also, another member of the group, Dr. Juwon Ekundayo, said it was high time Lagosians freed themselves from the shackles that hinder effective development saying that, there should be “no oppressive government irrespective which political divide one belongs to.”

According to him, “this is the time we need to wake up from our slumber and say no to evil. There is so much left to be desired with the way Lagos is being administered. People are groaning under the stifling effect of over taxation and almost all Lagos State government institutions have now become revenue generators instead of helping to improve the life and living of the Lagosian.”

Ekundayo, who explained the mode with which the group hopes to further spread the campaign through the nooks and crannies of state, said “we are not a political party and we have carefully measured all candidate, their political parties and key drivers with same yardsticks. We will engage in continuous and intensive communication with up to five million residents of Lagos within our database using appropriate means and available opportunities. We will mobilize groups and individuals to be volunteers and foot soldiers of our strategies. Other communication tools that will be employed include: Website Operation, social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.”

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