When the card reader rejects your PVC -Two possible scenarios

Given the trenchant positions for and against the introduction of the card readers, Nigerians and indeed, international election observers would be in suspense on the efficacy of what the country’s Election Management Body has promised as the antidote to election rigging.

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However, even the national chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Attahiru Jega is not oblivious that as a mechanical or electronic device that the card reader could have its problems. So despite the fact that not more than 160,000 units would be needed, the commission according to him procured an extra 20,000 units to serve as backups on Election Day.

Two possible scenarios

  1. If the functional card reader fails to read your PVC, you would be politely told to leave the polling station and the incidence would be noted down by the polling officer. Where you resist, law enforcement officers would be asked to handle you.
  2.  However, if the card reader authenticates the card as genuine but fails to match the finger print of the person who brought it to that on the PVC, the assistant presiding officer shall repeat the process again and if the finger print still does not authenticate the person, then the potential voter will be referred to the presiding officer or a senior officer at the polling unit. That officer would examine the PVC to establish if it really belongs to the voter and if satisfied and with the concurrence of the agents of the parties allow the potential voter to proceed to the next stage of the accreditation process and for voting.

However, the incidence of the card reader failing to cross match the PVC to the finger print shall be noted as an incidence. This is because the card reader keeps a tabulation of all those who passed through the screening exercise.

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