Boko Haram attacks Adamawa villages, kills 40

YOLAMEMBERS of the Boko Haram insurgents attacked three villages in Hong Local Council of Adamawa State, in the early hours of Thursday and yesterday, killing at least 40 people.

Locals said that the insurgents had earlier killed 30 people in Gaya –fa community, and later proceeded to another village, Zang all said to be located near the Sambisa Forest.

‘’They ransacked our villages for almost two days. They first attacked Gaya-fa and in a killing spree over 30 people were shot. We were able to repel them on Thursday but they later mobilized and launched attack at Zang. As I am talking to you they are there and over 10 people have been killed. We are set to repel them now,” said chief hunter of the area, Baba Jibrin, in a telephone interview, yesterday evening.

The insurgents were also said to have burnt several buildings in the communities, looting food stuffs and house utensils including mattresses.

Another fleeing resident simply identified as Mr. James, said: “Boko Haram fighters attacked our town Gaya. They killed over 30 people and burnt down several buildings in the community. You know that that community is in the border area just by the Sambisa Forest.

“I believe that, those who attacked the community were dislodged from the Sambisa Forest by the ongoing raid being carried out by the Air Force and the ground soldiers. The military is now in control of a large part of the Sambisa Forest and the insurgents are moving in bands and launching attacks on the communities that are far from where the soldiers checkpoints are.”

This attack came shortly after the military liberated 11 communities from the insurgents. The military killed over 300 of the insurgents with several calibre of arms and ammunition ‘recovered from them on Tuesday.

Security   sources explained that the insurgents, who were routed out of their Sambisa Forest training base by the combined team of Air Force and Army personnel operating in the area, had resorted to

attacking communities that were far away from areas being covered by the military’s presence.

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