Pinnick: AFCON 2015 would have been better with Nigeria

The just concluded 2015 Africa Cup of Nations would have been a bigger commercial success if Nigeria had participated, according to the Nigeria Football Federation President, Amaju Pinnck.

The 44-year old was in Equatorial Guinea as a CAF official and reckoned that even though the tournament didn’t have powerhouses like Morocco and Egypt, it was a success, but added that it would have been a bigger commercial success had Nigeria qualified.

“In football anything can happen and you never can say. Angola was not there, nor were Morocco and Egypt, so it wasn’t just Nigeria and I would say it went well all the same.

“But they (CAF) would have made more money if Nigeria had been present, and the Nigeria Football Federation would also have made a lot of money if we had qualified,” Pinnick claimed.

Pinnick also added, however, that Nigeria must qualify for subsequent Africa Cup of Nations starting from the 2017 edition.

“We now have to sit tight and make sure that we qualify for every Africa Cup of Nations starting from the next one, and as far as I am concerned, it’s going to be a priority for this football house and it’s starting today,” he stressed.

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