Nigeria election: We can’t stop riots if INEC shift dates again—Wale Oke

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PRESIDENT and founder of Christ Life Churches under the umbrella of “Sword of the Spirit Ministries,” Bishop Francis Wale Oke, was raised and anointed to empower believers for the end time move of God. He accepted the call into full time ministry on May 17, 1982 and started the Sword of the Spirit Ministries in 1983 by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In this interview with SAM EYOBOKA after preaching a sermon at the 50th birthday anniversary of Bishop Isaac Idahosa at the God First Ministry, popularly known as Illumination Assembly, Bishop Oke prophesied that the best is yet to come for the celebrant. “God has used him tremendously in the past 25 years all across the nation and the world. But he’s just starting because expansion is coming now. God is going to enlarge him on every side. So he should renew his commitment and his dedication because the work is just starting.”

INEC has just shifted the 2015 general elections, what is your reaction?

INEC is the body that is constitutionally empowered to fix and change the date of elections. And they have considered all things before they took that decision. My appeal is for every Nigerian to remain calm; no crisis, no violence, and no trouble. The new date will soon be here. Everyone should go and collect their permanent voter’s card because that is your power.

Don’t fight, don’t create trouble or cause riot, just remain calm and be determined to exercise your voting rights on the new dates of March 28, and April 11. Go and vote for who you think will best govern you at the state and the federal levels. There should be no violence before, during and after the elections. Let’s behave like responsible citizens of Nigeria who love this nation. INEC has its reasons to shift the dates so let’s co-operate with them. Let’s not doubt their motive. Let’s not ascribe it to one political party or the other. Just collect your voter’s card, keep cool and calm and when the time comes; vote for the person you think is best.

What is your advice to politicians?

The politicians should please not create crisis or tension. We all met in Nigeria and we should leave a strong-er Nigeria to our children and children’s children. Politic-ians should please appeal to their supporters not to create crisis, not to read any wrong meaning to what INEC has done but accept it in good faith and then mobilize their people to collect their PVCs because one of the reasons that INEC advanced was because people didn’t collect all the PVCs. Politicians, please don’t use other people’s children to cause riot. If you cannot send your own children to the streets to cause riot, don’t send anybody to the street. Don’t send any Almajhiris to the street, and don’t send any area boys to the street.

INEC harped on security issues….

I think what INEC said was that the security agencies said because of the operation they want to do in the North East, they will focus on that and they may not be able to provide adequate back-up for the INEC officials. They are Nigerians, they are like us and they know what they saw. So let all of us pray that the security challenge that we face in the country will be resolved very quickly and a conducive atmosphere will be created for everybody to exercise his franchise; rather than throw-ing stones or mud or doubting people’s motives. Let’s just wait patiently for those six weeks and let’s pray that the security challenges will be over and God will help us and we will vote.

Sir, do you believe that between now and that time, the security challenge will be over?

It is my prayer. I am a man of God. I believe in God. I believe there’s nothing God cannot do. I believe that if it is not completely over, it will be at such a level that it won’t be a threat to the election. I’m appealing to INEC, the secur-ity agencies and everybody involved; they should do everything that is in their power to make sure that by the expiration of the six weeks, Nigerians are able to exercise their franchise.

Because if they have to shift it again, then we cannot stop Nigerians from doubting their intention and motive, and it will be very difficult from holding them back from rioting or venting their anger. For now, we don’t doubt their intentions. But they should do everything possible. They are the ones that chose the six weeks, so let them use that period to create such atmosphere that will enable us to vote. And God bless all our security operatives. God bless our gallant soldiers that are defending the territorial integrity of Nigeria at the expense of their lives. God bless their commanders. God bless the INEC. God bless the Federal Government. It shall be well with Nigeria.

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