Nigeria Needs a War Tested Disciplinarian…Regina Askia


Nollywood actress turned US nurse, Regina Askia, despite not based in Nigeria, has expressed her much felt love on the need for the country to have a good leader who can restore the lost hope back to masses especially the child yet unborn.

The trained nurse in a recent article explained that Nigeria needed a war-tested disciplinarian who will sweep the house clean of all corruption.

Highlighting her points, the diva acknowledged the candidates choice of picking Gen. Muhhammadu Buhari as their President but felt sad that Buhari had surrounded himself with convicted criminals and est while disgruntled wolves defecting from the other camp.

Attesting to President Jonathan’s transformation, Regina applauded the building of schools and roads done by the administration but pointed out that without security, then there will be a serious problem.

In her words, “if a government cannot guarantee its people SECURITY OF LIVES it is not even prepared to begin. It seems the President simply does not know what to do about Boko Haram and that is a crying shame. Nigeria is not a poor nation. Wise management of the petrodollar can make for fantastic changes . Consider the health care sector. It is unconscionable that young people , Nigeria’s tomorrow are dying of (it hurts me to say) High blood pressure , embolisms, complications of diabetes, simple trauma, need of dialysis etc….Meanwhile private jets are landing in South Africa filled with millions of dollars and pounds in Mr President’s tenure, Chaiii.”

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