Is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Really Bad?

 1] Goodluck Jonathan signed FOI bill that Obasanjo refused to sign and you join them in saying that Goodluck is bad.

2] Goodluck approved N18,000 Minimum wage from N7,500 Which Obasanjo refused to sign and you say that Goodluck is bad and NYSC allowance from N7,500 to nearly approved N39,500, yet they say he is bad.

3] Goodluck dualized federal roads (about 25,000km) which Obasanjo and past Govts abandoned and you say Goodluck is bad.

4] The rail system is working now, with little budget But Obasanjo Sunk billions of dollars without result, other pasts leader ignored and you say that Goodluck is bad.

5] Goodluck has been conducting free and fair
elections whereas the ones conducted under Obasanjo are Shameful and national disgrace yet you say Goodluck is bad.

6] Goodluck established 12 new universities, 9 in the North to improve learning and knowledge and increase the Jambites admission rate, yet you say that Goodluck is bad.

7] Goodluck established the Almajiri system for Northern abandoned street children and those deprived of education by their own people and you say Goodluck is bad.

8] Goodluck has been building dams and improving the country's power from 2500mW to 6,000MW – And successfully privatized the sector which many analyst believed is the best way to go and you joined them say that Goodluck is bad.

9] Agriculture have been revamped and for the first time in Nigerian history, Food prices came down during Christmas, instead of skyrocketing and you say that he is a bad President.

10] 2013 and 2014 was the Christmas in Nigeria, where Nigerian did not sleep in filling stations for 3 to 4 days to get Petrol or 100s of people being roasted alive in attempts to get fuel in petrol stations, wickedly, you joined them to say that our God given President is not performing.

11] Airports are wearing world class looks and every zone have International airport and you say Goodluck is bad.

12] This administration has employed more people in their 5years in office than any other in the
history of Nigeria [Via Agric, Energy sector,16 New Car Companies, 12 New Universities, 3,826 primary Health care Centers, Teaching Hospitals] SURE-P, YOUWIN and you say Goodluck is bad. Now do you think that General Muhammadu Buhari will perform magic, which he could not do when he was in his 40s, if you vote him? What else do they want from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan? Share if you agree that President Goodluck Jonathan deserves re- election to continue the good works.

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